Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was one of the most influential and talented young musicians. With her mixture of jazz, soul, R&B, pop and hip-hop she took over the world. Amy Winehouse was born in 1983 in London to her father Mitch Winehouse and mother Janis. Since she was a child music had a big influence on her life as she was surrounded with jazz because many of her family members were musicians themselves.

Amy Winehouse on a world tour

At only the age of 10, Amy put together s rap band and they called themselves Sweet ‘n Sour, but it was only for a short time before they disbanded. Only 3 years later she started playing her first guitar and caught her big break when she signed a contract with Island Universal. At the age of 20 she released Frank, her first album that was critically appraised by many and was a mixture of jazz, hip-hop and many other styles.

Amy Winehouse performing life at the Eurockéennes Music Festival

The return of Amy

Amy Winehouse struggled with hard-drug abuse in 2006 and her company suggested her to get help, but she refused and left. The same year she published one of most appraised albums Back to Black. She even made a song about her experiences called “Rehab”, where she explains her resistance to find help. The album immediately became a hit and one of the Top 10 songs in United Kingdom and soon it reached the American charts, smashing its way to the top again.

YouTube video

She struggled for a few years before finally made a comeback in 2009 with her 2008 album “Back to Black” rated as the one of the best selling albums in the world. Amy made her way into the Guinness Book of World Records as “Most Grammy Awards Won by a British Female Act”.

Tragically, Amy’s life ended in July 23 in 2011 as the young star accidentally poisoned herself with alcohol at the age of 27.



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