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Mix of old and new

Belgium is a smaller country in the western part of the Europe being separated from the United Kingdom only with small portion of the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Canal. Belgium is a kingdom but also a parliamentary democracy. Portraits of kings and queens aren’t visible only at museums but also in many different places like palaces, castles, books, posters, even on their stamps, coins and on different kinds of sweets. Belgium blends the old with the new and there is a huge choice of castles, modern architecture and museums.

Antwerp the medieval city photo
Antwerp, a UNESCO protected medieval city in Belgium

Small but exquisite

Belgium lies north from France and west from Germany but is much smaller in size, covering around 30.000 square kilometers. The capital is city named Brussels which is one of the must-see destinations when visiting Europe. The official languages are Dutch, French and German with many people speaking English without difficulty. The city is a hub of culture and art with many museums, trendy restaurants and lively nightlife. Although small, but immensely beautiful when you visit Belgium you will be surprised at many of local landmarks and habits. The country’s top landmark is Manneken Pis, a status of a little boy peeing and in translation literally “Little Man Pee” near the main square in the center of the Brussels.

Antwerp the historic city
Historic part of Antwerp features amazing medieval architecture

A taste of the local cuisine

Reflecting many of the European tastes Belgian cuisine is one of the most appraised in continent. Some say Belgian food doesn’t look pretty because the taste is the top priority rather the aesthetics. Country produces about 170 different kinds of cheeses and many types of chocolates which you will find in every city. And we also have to mention their great beers and so many kinds of them, with almost any taste you want to buy, including chocolate and cherry beer.

Photo of the legendary Brussels Plaza
City Plaza in Brussels, Belgium

Home of a European parliament

Belgium’s two largest regions are Flanders and Wallonia of which the first is the Dutch and second French speaking region. The countries capital city Brussels is also the capital of European Union. Since the end of World War 2, city has become a major hub of international politics and host to many organizations such as NATO. EU parliament building is also located here. Brussels is a European capital in a true form, where you will find world-class restaurants, palaces, art-nouveau architecture and everything you can expect from a modern city.

But Belgium isn’t just a cultural and political country, it also features lots of natural greatness. Country attracts millions of visitors each year to see the extremely well preserved medieval towns and monk breweries. Museum lovers will be in utopia in Belgium where you can learn much about the country’s history and its famous people.

Brussels grand architecture
Great architecture in the centre of Brussels

It’s a well-known fact that Belgium has been producing chocolate for about 400 years and you will be able to experience it all in one of the 2000 chocolate shops. While Brussels might be the only true European city if you look at it from a global standpoint, Antwerp is where all the ancient and interesting things are. If you want to travel back in time then visit Gent and Brugge, two true historic towns with cobblestone streets and medieval buildings.

Belgium chocolates photo
An amazing array of different chocolates Belgium is so known for

Mechelen, a city in the northern part of the country it is a must-see for everyone wanting to explore historic art. Mechelen was with Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Brugge one of the cities where Reinessance Art has vastly developed during medieval times. Mechelen is also a home of Toy Museum, where you can relieve great battles such as the one at Waterloo or play traditional games that are centuries old.

If you travel to the north, there’s a is a famous Francorchamps racing track where you can test your driving skills in a public or private event. Nearby small town of Spa hosts famous spa resort, casino and some great restaurants. We have to mention that Belgium has lots of green areas in the cities, more than any other European country which means you will always have a place to escape and relax your mind.

Facts about Belgium

Quick facts Data
Country: Belgium
Population: 10.490.000
Size: 30.528 sq km
Neighbours: France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg
Capital: Brussels
Largest city: Brussels
Largest cities: Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liege, Bruges, Namur
Coastline: 66 km
Internet code: BE
Currency: Euro

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