Photo of a port in Bergen


Image of Bergen in the summer
Bergen in the summer

Bergen – a city with a thousand year legacy

Established almost 1000 years ago, Bergen is a beautiful city surrounded by open views of nature and looking into United Kingdom’s Brae Island. The city is located in southwest of the country and is surrounded by many national parks.

Bergen once held the role of the capital city of Norway but later Oslo acquired the title and it has been like that since. Historically Bergen has always been a very important city for Norway and even Europe. During the 13th century it was a part of the allied states of Germany which made the city very significant for Norway, thus becoming the capital.

Like said before, Bergen is a city with a long tradition. This is why it has a lot of things to see like the old port of Bryggen. It is a UNESCO protected site where you can see a lot of old wooden buildings and in some places you can even feel how life must have been hundreds of years ago.

Image of a garden in Bergen
A beautiful garden in Bergen

A place to relax in Norway

Since the city is very green, it has some nice places to relax like the Nygardsparken, quite an old park of with English roots, it is a popular place for families to have a picnic or play some sports like Frisbee. North of the city you will find Gamle Bergen, an old part of Bergen with many reconstructed houses from 18th to 20th century.

You don’t have to see Bergens history just through its buildings as there are several theaters like the Bit Teatergarasjen, a national theater with high quality stages of Norwegian stage performances. Also you can visit one of the museums such as the Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum, holding the first machinery knit wearing manufacturing plant.

Photo of the Wooden street in Bergen
Wooden street in Bergen

Close to the ocean – full of possibilities

Because to city is close to the ocean it enjoys a mild climate, and actually has very nice weather through the year. Many people enjoy fishing and the beaches. The beaches aren’t like the ones found in Australia or New Zealand but are well worth the visit, especially because they have this European feeling.

Enjoying the open-stage concerts or hiking to spend some time in nature is also possible. All of this makes Bergen a really attractive city. But note that visiting the city in summer can be a bit crowds so make sure to book a hotel room beforehand.

Image of a sunset in Bergen
Sunset in Bergen

Bergen best attractions:

Nygardsparken, Gamle Bergen, Bit Teatergarasjen, Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum, Bergen Museum, Fantoft Stave Church, Gamlehaugen, Grieghallen

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