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Image of a street in Bologna
Bologna street at night

Charming Bologna

Found in northern Italy, Bologna is the capital of Emilia-Romagna region and its biggest city. It holds the 7th place on the list of biggest Italian cities. Bologna is famous for one of the oldest universities in Europe and lively student population and charming architecture.

Being over 1000 years old, it has one of the best preserved historic centers in Italy, much live Venice or Rome. Bologna has over history been home to many great Italian artists especially musicians and this has become a huge part of the city’s culture. Music is very important here and played everywhere in the city. Open air concerts, clubs with jazz and many orchestra performances give a delightful feeling when exploring the city. Due to all of these facts it was in 2006 named as the Creative City of Music for UNESCO.

Image of Strada Maggiore Street in Bologna
Strada Maggiore Street in Bologna

Bologna’s old roots

The city itself is a beautiful combination of different architectural styles. Here you have old churches, medieval towers beautiful city squares and much more. All of this is just a quick look at its enormous artistic history. The most famous landmark of the city is the two Towers of Bologna, going back hundreds of years ago probably used defensive actions. There is also a number of city gates of medieval origin and in some places its not hard to imagine how life must have been 800 years ago.

Photo of architecture and art in Bologna
Bologna’s beautiful architecture

Once royal places now public

It also must be said that Bologna has one of the most exquisite trade fairs in Italy and even Europe. Because the city has such a strong artistic origin there are great museums available to visit. The city has a few excellent parks which were once a private property of Italy’s nobility. Bologna is full of events and it’s a good idea to attend one if you happen to be around. One of the greatest is the Motor show Bologna, featuring old classic cars that are and were the pride of Italian engineering.

Bologna is one of the top cities which regards to the quality of life. With that, it is also an amazing place to soak up rich Italian culture. No matter where you travel on foot, bicycle or car you can find something great.

Shot of a fountain found in one of Bologna's many parks
A fountain in one of Bologna’s parks

Best Bologna attractions:

Tower of the Garisenda, Fountain of Neptune, The University Museum, National Picture Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna, Archaeological Museum, Jewish Museum, Two Towers of Bologna

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