Image of Bordeaux taken from the foot of a bridge


Image of a park in Bordeaux on a beautiful day
A park in Bordeaux

Bordeaux’s long history

Sitting 200 kilometers north of the Spanish border is the city of Bordeaux. It has always been a very important port city, even before roman times. Today it is holding the 9th spot among the biggest cities in France besides Paris, Lyon, Marseilles and others.

Prepare to hold your glass up high on many occasions in Bordeaux because this whole region is very well known for its fine vines. The whole city is made up of amazingly beautiful architecture and is a part of its old town has been declared to be a UNESCO heritage zone.

Photo of a vineyard in Bordeaux
A vineyard in Boredeaux

Take your time to explore

Made up of huge bridges and with some buildings laying on the side of the River, Bordeaux truly has that romantic European spirit.
One of the great architectural examples is surely the Grand Theater, more than 200 years old and of neo-classical design, it features ballet and opera performances. The amazing fact is that the theatre was never in need of rebuilding which makes it one of the few in Europe.

The best and most enjoyable way to see the city is by foot, but that could take a lot of time. It is best to explore the city by bicycle or some other way then using a car because that could be quite expensive. The city offers some nice buildings that show the old Roman roots like the Victory Arch which is a hugely popular attraction.

Image of the Water Mirror in Bordeaux, France
Water Mirror in Bordeaux

Easy come, easy go

Having its own airport great simplifies coming and going to and from the city. Direct lines with Barcelona, Faro, Lyon, Oslo and many other great cities are available.

Because the city has many museums and great dining, it is a good location to learn something about the history of France. For instance visiting the Museum D’Aquitaine will show you a collection of and Roman and Gallic origins. Bordeaux might be a city of culture but it also favors sports like football.

Bordeaux is a great place to visit if you want to get to know France through its fine vines and food. But while it might have great culture and beautiful architecture the city is so much more than just a sightseeing opportunity.

Image of Bordeaux from the air
Aerial view of Bordeaux

Best Bordeaux attractions:

Grand Theater, Notre Dame Church, Pont de Pierre, Porte Cailhau, Place Parliament, St. Andre Cathedral, Theater Le Victoire, Palais de Justice, Cathedral St. Pierre, Baptistere St. Jean

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