Center of European culture

Brussels is a capital of the Kingdom of Belgium, a small country, lying on the west of the European continent. This is an amazing city with very rich history, many museums, important religious objects, sport arenas and seat of countless political institutions. What Washington means for USA, Brussels means for Europe. Here is a seat of European parliament and the main headquarters of NATO alliance, also of many other important institutions and organizations like World Customs Organization. The capital of Belgium is a good host for many politicians arriving here from all over the world, each day in a year.

Because of that, a wide array of hotels has grown in last decades and it is no wonder that they are also used for business opportunities. Being such a good host, an extreme amount of conferences are organized in Brussels, bringing the city on the top 3 in the world in that ranking.

Photo of Brussels architecture
An example of Brussels architecture

Attractions at every step

Brussels offers many touristic pearls like famous square Grand Place, with Town hall and other amazing buildings, mostly old Guildhalls, being listed as UNESCO Heritage. Close to the main square, the pissing boy called Manneken Pis attracts visitors from all over the world, sometimes being naturally naked and for many other occasions he wears special clothes. In the past history of this sculpture so many different clothes were made for him, that they have museum full of them.

Apart from this central attractions, others are scattered all across the city. The most important are surely a Palaces of royal family, dozens of great museums, National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, St. Mary’s Royal Church, Cinquantenaire triumphal arch and of course the famous over 100 meters big Atomium, being built for the EXPO fair event of 1958.

Photo of the Petit Stablon Garden in the city of Brussels
Petit Stablon Garden in Brussels

Enjoy every step

While enjoying the Brussels, you can’t miss famous Belgian waffles, chocolate pralines and the amazing number of different home beers. When discovering the city, make a list of what you wish to see and experience, because you can’t have enough time for everything. Only the number of different museums exceeds 80.

Some of them are really special like Museum of Industry and Labor, Royal Museum of Central Africa, Toy Museum, Printing Museum or Brussels Tram Museum. Some others are very related to many others you can find in large cities like Paris, London, Berlin or Vienna.

Photo of the Brussels city center
Brussels city center

Many don’t know that Belgium is also a land of comic books. Some famous artists and famous comic book stars were born here, like Spirou and Tin Tin. Also worth visiting are some nice galleries, book shops and antique stores. In the old town center, you can find some very narrow streets full of restaurants (like Greek or Italian food restaurants) where you can many times enjoy good meal for a very fair price.

Photo of a chocolate waffle
The Belgium waffle

A tourist in Brussels, a city with almost 2 millions inhabitants in wider area and around 1.2 million in central part, has to make a very good plan before visiting a city. Just wandering around will take your precious time and you won’t get to know the city as you could. It is smart to find a hotel close to the center of the city or close to the part of your biggest interest and use public transport to move around. Also there are some good guided tour groups and tourist buses that will take you around the city for a quick experience.

Photo of Manneken Pis
Manneken Pis is the most famous attraction in Brussels

Best Brussels attractions

Grand Place, Town Hall, Manneken pis, The Atomium, Royal Palace, National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, St. Mary’s Royal Church, Cinquantenaire triumphal arch, Opera House, Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of Industry and Labor, Royal Museum of Central Africa, Toy Museum, Horta Museum, Museum of Musical Instruments, Printing Museum, Museum of Belgium Brewers, Planetarium, Aquarium

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