Photo of the city of Toronto, Canada


Found in the northern region of North America, Canada ranks as the 4th biggest country by land in the world. Canada is roughly the same size as North America, but only has about 35 million inhabitants while North American population exceeds 316 million people. This gives us the idea of how scarcely populated Canada really is, but at the same time it’s nature is incredibly diverse.

Scarcely populated but immensely beautiful

Photo of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada
Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Mountains, deserts and rainforests, Canada has it all

Canada’s landscape ranges from the the beautiful Rocky Mountains to vast desert, arctic and rain-forest regions. The border between United States and Canada is the longest border in the world reaching just a little under 9000 kilometers. Canada was heavily influenced by many nations which makes it a unique country to visit because of the diverse culture that can be seen in pretty much everything.

Photo of geese in the wild
Canadian geese

Alive at every time of year

Canada has many examples of different architectural styles like Baroque and Victorian which led the country to develop its own unique style. One of these examples is the Supreme Court building in Ottawa, the country’s capital. Ottawa is one of the biggest cities in Canada and is a technological and political hub of the country. The famous capital is welcoming travelers all year long with its parks, gardens and many events. The winter time is a great time to visit Canada because there are many events that celebrate winter like the Winterlude festival, where an entire village is made from ice.

Lake Louise photo
Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

Explore Canada’s beautiful nature

For those that love the great outdoors, Canada is the perfect place to experience just that. The country features dozens of national parks where you will find breath taking sceneries. The parks are a great way to explore the history behind this huge but delicate country – from the early Aboriginal tribes and first European settlements to the modern gleaming life.

Photo of Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary
Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Canada

Canadian wilderness should be considered as heritage of the world and many of the natural parks here are UNESCO protected areas. The parks are a great place to connect with nature, watch bird, enjoy walks through the forests.Canada is a country that offers so much and enchants the visitor to keep exploring its beautiful natural scenery. Visit the wonderful museums in Ottawa, explore the natural wonders in the many parks, enjoy the thrilling sports or come to relax yourself, either way, you’ll fall in love with Canada.

Photo of the most prominent peak in the Canadian Rockies
Mount Robson
Photo of Canadian Shield landscape and Lake of the Woods
Lake of the Woods in Canada


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