Wellness Holiday in Slovenia

Spas in Slovenia are well known for their high quality and variety of wellness and health offers. In Slovenia there are numerous natural thermal water springs, which are used for balneotherapy, physical therapy and other spa treatments. Let’s see the most famous ones

thermal water effect

Experience Thermal Water Effect at the Best Hot Springs in the World

Have you always dreamt of experiencing the perks of the thermal water effect while soaking in the relaxing sceneries of jungles, mountains, and icebergs? There is actually nothing that can beat the experience of taking a dip in a calming hot spring after spending a long tiring day travelling. Hot springs, all made possible by the …

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Thermana Laško, Slovenia

Stay at Thermana Laško for Unique Pampering Experiences

Thermana Laško is considered as one of the most sophisticated wellness and spa centers in Slovenia. Thermana provides utmost quality, supporting healthy lifestyles and offering a unique culture for people who have movement concerns or people who wish to prevent such issues in the future.  Thermana spas, restaurants, and hotels are located in Laško. This …

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Budapest shopping is definitely an unique experience

Budapest shopping

Budapest is one of the most visited cities in Europe due to its natural heritage and beauty. This, however, isn’t the only reason people visit this city. Budapest shopping is described by many travelers as nothing short of a magic experience.  Most people come from Western Europe because prices are lower and on the other …

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Vienna, the capital of Austria, has a charm that attracts many tourists. If you have arrived here, it is most likely that you are one of them who has not been able to resist the tourist magnet that is Vienna. With its imperial palaces, its baroque urban landscapes, its Kaffeehäuser (coffee bars) illuminated by candelabra …

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No country combines urban landscapes and outdoor activities as well as Austria. One day it is possible to be crowned on alpine peaks and the next day a walkthrough through imperial Vienna is possible. It is definitely worth doing a trip and enjoy a great adventure in this beautiful country, which is a center for …

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