• Visby


    Enchanting by the looks A city that only a gaze upon its beauty makes it a worthwhile trip, Visby is one of those special places in Europe that with its preservation of ancient buildings completely differ from the big glass and steel metropolises like Berlin or London. The city is found on an island east of mainland Sweden…

  • Gothenburg


    Friendly and open Gothenburg Gothenburg or Göteborg is one of the biggest cities in Sweden besides its capital Stockholm. It goes side by side as member of the largest cities in northern Europe like Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo. The city can be found in the far Southern part of Sweden, on its west coast looking…

  • Malmö


    Big Malmö Located at the far south of Sweden is the city of Malmo, a city of culture and long tradition. It is located at the base of Sweden’s coast looking towards Denmark. Malmö is a city that is quite old, established in the 13th century it was one of the biggest in the area.…