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Dating back to the ancient times

Found in the northern part of Italy, Genoa was once a hugely important port city and a birthplace of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.
Fact is that Genoa is often overshadowed by Italy’s bigger cities such as its capital Rome, Venice or Milan. Genoa has a very rich history and a beautiful old part of town that shouldn’t be missed. These highlights and many others have earned it the 2004 European Capital of Culture title.
Genoa Port is still known for playing a strong role in Mediterranean trade. The city still holds that magical romantic Italian atmosphere and this is especially noticeable in the old part of town. It is one of the largest historical centers in whole of Europe. Showing signs of wear and tear is exactly what makes Genoa’s old part of town so interesting. It has this pristine medieval feeling like nowhere else. Many small streets and roads full of cafés, restaurants and bars which is very typical for Italy.

Nightfall in Genoa
Genoa in the night


Dedicated to the legends

Many perks await those who venture into the old part. One of them most visited places is the Genoa Cathedral, dating back almost 900 years ago it is a gorgeous example of Italy’s rich history. Between the historic center and modern part of town lies one of the most popular attractions, Piazza De Ferrari, main square of Genoa. It is adored for its fountain and beautiful architecture of surrounding buildings.
Genoa has some really interesting attractions waiting to be uncovered. Besides its amazing architecture and old center, don’t forget to visit the Monument to Christopher Columbus, the legendary explorer who discovered Americas.

image of a lion statue
San Lorenzo Cathedral lion statue

Genoa for everybody

There is also a good selection of Museums such as the Sea and Naval Museum, featuring full sizes boats spanning over many centuries. Genoa is home to one of the biggest aquariums in Europe called Acquario di Genova, featuring over 600 species of sea life it is a great family experience.
Genoa is a city with a vastly rich history and a place you definitely shouldn’t miss if you come to Italy. It is special in so many ways and here you can see the many legends that shaped Europe’s and worlds history.

Image of a historic naval vessel in Sea and Naval Museum in Genoa
Sea and Naval Museum in Genoa

Attractions: The Aquarium, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Doria Museum of Natural History, The Cathedral Museum, Piazza De Ferrari, The Theatre Carlo Felice, The Palace of the Doges, Via Garibaldi(building)

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