Canals in Ghent


Landlocked city of Ghent lies far to the northwest of the Belgium, not so far from Bruges, also close to Atlantic ocean and border with The Netherlands. It is a fair sized city with around 250.000 citizens, therefore being the third largest in Belgium by population. Ghent size is about the same as the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana and both cities are greatly appreciated by the tourists.

Visit Ghent festivals and exibitions

Ghent grew at fast pace in the medieval time. Because of clothes trade, it soon became one of the largest cities. In fact at one moment it was a third largest city in the Europe just after Paris and Constantinople. Geographical position of the city, just between the European and Belgium capital Brussels and the beautiful city of Bruges, gives Ghent plenty of oportunity to attract fair ammount of visitors.

Canal in Ghent, night view
Night view on down town center of Ghent with canal

City content, interlaced with many channels, is rich with medieval buildings, especially in the very center of the city. Further, it is spiced up with many excellent museums, like Museum of Fine Arts, Design Museum Gent, Ghent City Museum and few others. Ghent is also a good host for many festivals. One of the most visited is the botanical exhibition being organized every five years. Traditionally each year the musical festivals and Flanders International Film Festival Ghent are organized.

Organized and safe Ghent

It is so easy to arrive in Ghent with car, train or airplane. Public transport works good and old town center can be visited on foot. Bigger squares are well connected with each other, taking visitors from one to another excellent site in just a short while. Rich architectural heritage of the city starts on the main square with great Town Hall. Saint Bavo Cathedral and Saint Nicholas’ Church are the two top religion objects, while Gravensteen castle is showing the brute historic power of the Ghent from centuries ago.

Ghent post office
Old post office in Ghent

Many restaurants, bars and pubs will help you to gain strenght after sight visits. Many excellent hotels in all kinds of price ranges, will host you until the end of the visit.

Best Ghent attractions:

Town Hall, city channels, castle Gravensteen, Saint Bavo Cathedral, Saint Nicholas’ Church, Museum of Fine Arts, Design Museum Gent, Ghent City Museum

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