Jason Derulo

Born in 1989 as Jason Joel Desrouleaux, known world-wide as Jason Derulo, he is an American songwriter, singer and dance performer. Jason was born in Florida and has started to sing at a very young age.

Jason attended various schools where he learned about performing and has produced his very own song when he was only 8 years old. His first breakthrough was when he wront “Bossy” a song for Birdman, a famous rapper from New Orleans.

Writing his way to the sky

Jason Derulo’s talent for writing lyrics has impressed many people and he soon started to write for famous singers like Sea Combs (Diddy), Lil Wayne, Donnie Klang and others. He always honed his skills as a singer, dancer and a tv start. He wont the 2006 grand prize on the TV talent show Showtime at the Apollo. This lead Derulo to sign a contract with Beluga Heights Records and Warner Bros Records.

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Jason Derulo released his first single in 2009 named “Whatcha Say” reaching a number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 later same year. His debut album was release a short time later in March 2nd, 2010, which landed him on the top ten position of the UK and Irish charts.

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Jason Derulo released his second album in September 27th, 2011, names “Future History”. It features the hit lead song “Dont’t Wanna Go Home” which reached the top position in United Kingdom and was among the top five in Australia.

The other side

In April of 2013, Derulo released his new single that quickly rose to the 18th place on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was called “The Other Side” and it was part of his new album called “Tattoos” that was scheduled to be released later in the year.

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On March 2015, Jason released his new single “Want to Want Me” for his forthcoming album “Everything Is 4”. The song became one of the most listened on on the radio and reached the 5th position on the Billboard Hot 100 in United States and 1st position on UK Singles Chart.

In February 11th, 2016 Jason released a new song called “Naked” and the music video alongside of it.

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