Photo of Kenya landscape


After the political problems in Kenya, peace reached this beautiful country again. That is the main reason why number of tourists are rising again – slowly but surely. Prediction for next years is exceeding 2 or even 3 millions of visitors per year.

The true beauty of Africa

Kenya does offer pretty much the same combination of summer fun like South Africa, combining paradise sand beaches and clear water with nature in which trekking and safari are most popular among tourists. Eastern coast of the country will surely develop with few best summer destinations in the next years. It just needs some time to develop.

Image of a peaceful road in Kenya
A road in Kenya

Unspoiled nature

Besides this great coast, two other great water places are the Lake Turkana and famous Lake Victoria on the western border, both also attractive destinations for visitors from all over the world. But not only sea level destinations are attractive, also mountains are great spots to visit, including the famous Mt. Kenya with its peek rising on over 5.000 meters above the sea level.

Photo of buffalo's gathering at the watering hole
Buffalo’s near the watering hole

The best destinations in Kenya are surely Bamburi, Lamu and Masai Mara with most hotels in second largest town Mombasa and in the capital of Nairobi. This huge country, that cover almost 600.000 square kilometers, which is about twice as much as Italy or Philippines, has borders with 5 other African states.

Photo of the old port Mumbasa located in Kenya
Old port Mumbasa in Kenya

Kenya on the rise

Kenya has great potential for tourism development. This type of economy is the second most important in the state already and in rise. The most visited are coastal town on the Indian Ocean coast, town near the lakes, Nairobi as a capital, Mombasa as one of the most important cities for economy and national parks, which drive the attention of many tourists.

Photo of Nairobi center area
Kenya’s capital Nairobi

The most important parks are surely Lake Nakuru National Park, Amboseli National Park, Nairobi National Park and Mount Kenya National Park.When you’re on the way to Kenya, prepare for African way of life, standard and travelling. Check your hotel on-line and book it well enough in advance that you don’t have problems later. Also visit some of their nice museums and great restaurants, where you can feel some pristine African cuisine.

Photo of an elephant family walking in Kenya's Amboseli National Park
Elephants in Kenya Amboseli National Park

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