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Lima is a five centuries old town that was founded in 1515 by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro. It is by far largest city in Peru and one of the largest in whole Latin American. It has around 8 millions inhabitants, which is over one quarter of whole country population. While Peru is the forth most populated country in South America, Lima is one of the biggest cities in this part of the continent.

Explore the many wonders of Lima

Lima sits on the Pacific Ocean coast and is therefore also an busy and very big port. It has a central position in the country and is also one of the most important business towns, connecting the inner land of Peru and also neighbouring Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and other countries of Latin America with Asian countries like Japan or China and also with New Zealand and Australia. While the history of the city is rich, the country and it’s inhabitants sadly aren’t.

A sunny day on the coastline of Miraflores district in Lima
Miraflores district in Lima, Peru

Fair prices surely aren’t the only reasons which is giving a boost in tourism but we can be sure they bring even more visitors to this part of the world in last years. Lima is a city in which you can really enjoy your stay for a while and also it is a point from which you can explore the other interesting parts of the Peru.

City center is a nice place with many squares and marketplaces. Local food varies a lot and is not expensive, except at some special restaurants or high society hotels. While observing the old down town center with it’s many castle like palaces, dating back centuries far in history, a city Cathedral is a big attraction, not only for religious types. Also some nice and pretty rich museums are to be found in the city.

A business hub with strong tourist infrastructure

Lima is great for shopping souvernirs. You can find best handicrafts made in Peru right here. Don’t go to big malls, even if city is not full of them, but rather check smaller stores for some great experience. Many articles can be bought for a bargain price.

Peruvian ceramics, pottery and woodworks are well known, also there are many other different arts which are very nice and popular amongst tourists. You can check many of them in smaller galleries where you can buy various local arts.

Image of the front of the Justice Palace
Justice Palace in Lima, Peru

Lima is well connected with other town. Road access is there for buses, domestic and international flights are going in and out regullary from the main aiport. But if you really want to experience Peru and the moutain range of Ande, then you just have to take the fantastic train route from Lima to Huancayo, giving you unforgettable experience, where you will travel for more then 10 hours, almost 350 kilometers and pass over 100 bridges and tunnels all together. The highest point which you will visit is sitting at amazing altitude of 4.830 meters, where you will cross the Ticlio Pass.

Even better and far more adventurous is the river travelling. The amazingly preserved rainforest is a great experience and can be reached from many locations but in Lima, probably best tour guides and agencies are having their seat. Boot their trips, which are of course more expensive then elsewhere, but a great excuse to leave the capital for some deeper explorations of the great nature and all their miracles that are there to enjoy in.

While you stay in the town, many best and high priced hotels are there to stay in but also many much cheaper accomodations are available over the whole year. Book far in advance your room in Lima in case of any kind of bigger events, holidays or festivals.

Best Lima attractions

Town Hall, Lima Cathedral, Archbishop’s palace, Casa de Aliaga, Government Palace, San Francisco complex, Museom Taurino, Museum of the Arts, Museum of Italian Art, Museum of National Culture

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