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Image of Radisson Blu Hotel in Lyon
Radisson Blu Hotel in Lyon

Lyon in the spotlight

Located in east France, Lyon is a city of enjoyment, culture and fine living. It is quite close to the Switzerland’s border and is only 110 kilometers away from Geneva.
Most noteworthy, Lyon was founded by no other then Julius Caesar almost 2000 years ago. As a result, Lyon features unique buildings that decorate Lyon’s streets and farmlands. Lyon contains two Roman theaters located in the city, both very well preserved. Grand Theater is by far the oldest in whole of France and has the capacity to hold 30.000 people. The sheer size of these ancient giants is impressive and a great attraction.  If you find the time visit the Museum of Gallo-Roman history, that will take you deeper into Lyon’s past with displays of ancient coins, statues and writings.

View of city quays in Lyon
Lyon city quays

The city of color

Because of the long history and tradition Lyon is famous for, festivals like Festival of lights, an event that breaths new light into the city as it is decorated by hundreds of different color pallets are held here. Besides the festivals enjoying the dance and opera performances at the Opera house and other theaters and concert halls is a great choice. There are actually tons of smaller cafes-theaters ranging all the way up to bigger academies.
When it comes to food Lyon is probably one of the top destinations besides those of Paris, Bordeaux, Dijon . Because the restaurants are rather small in size it is a good idea to book a table ahead of time.

Photo of a landmark decorated during the Lyon Flower Festival
Lyon Flower Festival

Legendary landmarks

Probably the greatest attraction and a symbol of Lyon is the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere. The sky-high ancient Byzantine masterpiece forms a part of the city’s personality. Nightlife is an important part of the city’s image. The nightclubs that are inside the boats parked on the Rhodes River are a major attraction of the city.
Lyon is an astonishing city that has something to offer to every traveler. From the Renaissance styled streets and gardens to the best in dining and hotels, Lyon is  a treasure chest of culture and beauty.

Image of a park in Lyon
A park in Lyon

Attractions: Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourviere, Museum of Gallo-Romanic Civilization, Cathedral Saint Jean Baptiste, Opera National de Lyon, Lyon Convention Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, Aquarium Grand Lyon, Theater das Celestins

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