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Located in the southern part of Central Russia, Novosibirsk is a huge city that can compare to Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Saint Petersburg.

Novosibirsk – from a small village to a large city

The city isn’t that old as its only about a little over 100 years old and before that it was just a village. A later new railway system was constructed linking the city to Asia which increased city importance significantly.

Photo of Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Novosibirsk
Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Novosibirsk

Visiting Novosibirsk in the summer is pleasant. The weather at this time is mostly warm, but in the winter the temperatures can drop to an astounding -40 degrees Celzius. So bring a warm hat! Okay, enough about the weather and let’s talk about some nice things you can see in the city. As any place in Russia, Novosibirsk has some great historical buildings to see. Try visiting the Lenin Square, situated in the city center stands a huge statue dedicated to the memory of Lenin. Worth visiting is also St. Alexander Nevsky’s Cathedral, especially at night when all the lights come on it’s a sight of beauty.

Great attractions

Once you are done exploring the history attractions and landmarks of the city you can visit the ZOO. It is one of the biggest in Russia and a great family attraction. Close to the city, about 20 south from the city is a little university town called Akademgorodok. It is full of museums, but despite being somewhat neglected it is still worth a few hours exploring.

Image of the administrative building in Novosibirsk
Administrative center of Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk isn’t really interesting for many tourists but if you know where to look you can learn so much and without the large crowds. To experience some Russian culture, visit the Opera House, situated in the central part of the city. This could be some great and new experience for many. Also if you arrive in the winter you can always find a place to ice skate or maybe ski. There are some open places where you can ice skate around the city.

World-class food

Novosibirsk features some great restaurants offering American, Japanese, traditional Russian and even Italian food. You can try the famous Russian pancakes which are available in many cafes and bars. Novosibirsk is great for shopping with many malls, boutiques and other places of interest. It is advised to always check what you buy here. But do it before you pay for the product because there are sadly many fakes being sold.

A city that is often overlooked by travelers, Novosibirsk is a huge but quiet town where you can enjoy Russia in peace. See the famous landmarks or visit the Opera and get familiar with some of the Russian culture. Take your family down to the ZOO for some fun or visit the close by university town and explore its museums.

Photo of Novosibirsk food
Novosibirsk delicious cuisine

Best Novosibirsk attractions:

Novosibirsk Zoo, St. Alexander Nevsky’s Cathedral, Akademgorodok, Opera House, Lenin Square, Novosibirsk Railway Station

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