Pecs is a really nice Hungarian city, with about 150.000 population. It has many remains from the time when Turks were the rulers of these parts of Europe. You can find two big mosques in the city, which were both later converted to christian churches. But still a lot of parts remain intact. The Gazi Kasim Pasha Mosque is also interesting because it was the largest mosque ever built on Hungarian soil.

A unique city in Hungary

Pecs is a middle sized city in Hungary with geographical position on the south of the country. This is also the reason, why many refugees found their place here in the time of last war on the Balkan. After all the help that was given to the refugees, even UNESCO prized the city with some special title.

Front picture taken of the Railway Station in Pecs.
Railway Station in Pecs

A great climate all-year long, Pecs showcases a unique and colorful history of Hungary. With a vibrant nightlife and a pleasant atmosphere, the city is compared to Budapest. This is true because it boasts a great shopping experience and rich architecture.

Visit history in Pecs

The city of Pecs has few interesting museum. Because the city center is small and you can visit it all really fast, the museums are a nice attraction where you can spend some extra time. Especially if it’s hot outside and it’s quiet normal in Pecs. They have around 200 sunny days each year, which is close to many Mediterranean towns.

Front view of the County Hall in Pecs.
County Hall in Pecs

In the year 2010, Pecs was sharing the European capital of the culture title with Istanbul in Turkey and Essen in Germany. The city was invigorated for that purpose and even few new cultural objects were built.

Best Pecs attractions:

Town Hall, St Peter’s Cathedral, Bishop’s Palace, Holy Trinity Monument, Early Christian Mausoleum, Synagogue, Jakovali Hassan Mosque, Gazi Kasim Pasha Mosque, Archaeological Museum, Csontvary Museum, Zsolnay Museum, Zsolnay Fountain, National Theatre

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