A glance into the past

Peru is an amazing tourist destination, where you can discover the knowledge and remains of and 8.000 years old civilization. The fantastic heritage of the Inca’s is the magnet for the millions visitors which want to meet in person their successors. But Peru is not only a story about Inca’s history. It is also an important South America’s country, full of high peaks in the Andes mountain range, almost 2.500 kilometers of coast on Pacific Ocean and other fascinating attractions made by mother nature like volcanoes, deserts, canyons, waterfalls, lakes, caves and much more.

Photo of the legendaryMachu Picchu
Peru’s number one attraction Machu Picchu

Nature unrivaled

But over 60% of the country is covered with rain forest, called the Peruvian Amazon, a jungle extremely rich with animals and plants but also extremely unexplored. Maybe the most amazing and interesting part of the country is very sparsely populated, which makes it even more exciting. But do you dare to visit it?

Photo of Wayatapallana in Peru
Wayatapallana, the highest mountain peak in Andes

Abundant attractions

Peru is also a country where you can enjoy the local food, adore and buy their great colorful handicrafts, visit many interesting museums and learn a lot about Spanish conquistadors which invaded the country after the European discoveries. And sadly, along with their knowledge, the advanced civilizations brought also much misery and devastation to the once strong civilization.
The remains of the Inca temples can be visited almost in any city and also any other part of the country. Along with them, some great architectural works are here, built in last centuries. There are many nice churches, palaces, haciendas, cloisters and much more. While the culture and history is rich, the people aren’t.

Photo of a dish in Peru
Peru’s delicious cuisine

Progress in the making

Peru is still being developed slowly, the investors don’t bring a lot of money to this country, yet business opportunities are great, because country has over 30 millions of population, from which almost one third lives in the capital Lima or nearby.

Getting around is easy, as the roads, trains and airplanes will bring you to almost any place. Also there are hundreds of hotels and motels present, so you can choose between different prices and luxury. Before you visit a Peru, make a good plan. If you fancy big and crowded cities, Lima with around 8 million inhabitants is the best choice for you, also it is a good starting point to many excursions and travel routes. Other great destinations are surely amazing Cusco, famous Machu Picchu, the 6.000 meters high mountain range Andes, rain Amazon forest or long beaches in the coastal part.

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