Picture of the Ferris Wheel in Rimini.


Sitting on the upper eastern Italian coast is a thriving resort called Rimini. It is the capital city of province with the same name “Rimini”. It shares the Adriatic sea with Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania.

Ancient Roman history waits in Rimini

The history of this lively resort spans back over 2000 years ago, well into the ancient Roman times. This has left it with many landmarks that attract thousands of people. Rimini is well known for its beautiful sun, warm clear waters and a great atmosphere. There is over 14 kilometers of beaches to enjoy and hundreds of hotels.

Image of Arch of Augustus on a sunny day in Rimini, Italy.
Arch of Augustus in Rimini, Italy.

You can see some old remains of Roman times like the Tiberius Bridge, still in use by pedestrians and standing since 20 AD. One of the best things to see in Rimini is the Surgeons House, an archaeological site opened to the public a few years ago featuring ancient pharmaceutical devices used by Romans.

Settle down in old town of Rimini

Rimini has a beautiful but many times overlooked “Old Town”, where you can find architecture from medieval times. One of these places is Castle Sismondo, about 600 years of age, designed to defend the city from invading European threat.

Picture of Bridge of Tiberius in Rimini, Italy.
Bridge of Tiberius in Rimini, Italy.

Just like many world’s coastal cities, Rimini has great fresh mostly fish-based food to offer. The nightlife is also very much alive, with dozens of discos, bars and clubs. Rimini offers a great opportunity to relax all while enjoying the best of nature and cuisine Italy has to offer.

Rimini best attractions

Roman Amphitheater, Castel Sismondo, Town Hall, Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge, Piazza Cavour

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