Photo of Uruguay coast
Uruguay coast

Love and color everywhere

Sandwiched between Argentina to the east, Rio Grande do Sul to the north and hugged by the Atlantic Ocean to the south, Uruguay is a vibrant Latin America country. Uruguay has been for a long time a favorite country for many immigrants as it boasts rich nature, beautiful weather and plentiful beaches where you can take advantage of just that.

View from the seaside restaurant in Uruguay
Seaside restaurant in Uruguay

Explore the wild uruguay

Uruguay has been on the map since the 15th century when it was discovered by Spanish and has also been under their command for a long time. But you can still see many buildings of Portuguese and Spanish colonial architecture. What is interesting that “Uruguay” actually means “river of the colorful birds” in a language that was spoken by natives before the arrival of Spanish and Portuguese.

Montevideo carnival in Uruguay photo
Montevideo Carnival

In the mid-19th century the country fell under civil war when it was separated into many different territories of warring factions. These were Blanco’s and Colorado’s which fought for control of the country and its capital Montevideo. The Blancos having support from Argentina’s troops fought against their rivals Colorado’s and their allies from Brazil. The war was ended in 1852 which followed by years of peace. The war broke out again among these factions in 1903 with the murder of President Juan Borda and the outcome was again the defeat of the Blanco’s.

A place for everybody

Uruguay of today is a treasure chest of inspiration and many beautiful sights. Many people because of its strong democracy and free education compare it to Switzerland. It is a country of many aspects ways of living. Here you have from the big and important cities like Montevideo, Salto, Riviera and others among the smaller tourist towns like Punta del Este and Punta del Diablo. You can easily find a special place for yourself here whether it’s a big city or a small humble village.

Uruguay Casapueblo hotel
The famous Casapueblo hotel in Uruguay

A true summer capital

What is interesting about Uruguay that it holds many pieces of European culture and history that can be seen in its old but beautiful buildings and cuisine? The love for sports is all-time strong here too. Football especially stands out and Uruguay won the gold medal at 1942 Paris and 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games.

Penarol football stadium in Uruguay.
Penarol football stadium in Uruguay.

Uruguay is one of the summer capitals of South America and it boasts a rich mix of culture, pleasant weather, sports and cuisine like nowhere else. A vacation for your mind is best to describe Uruguay because here you will never run out of things to do, see and enjoy.

Sun setting in Uruguay image
Sun setting over the Uruguay’s sky

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