Varna theater, Bulgaria


Varna is the coastal town in Bulgaria. It is a very important port and literally the sea gate of Bulgaria. Varna lies far from the capital city Sofia, on the Black sea coast, between two most popular summer destinations in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

It’s close proximity to the international airport gives the city a lot more posibilities for development in business and tourist sector. The third largest airport, called Aksakovo Airport, had way over 1 million of passengers in last years. Regular flights are going towards Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna, London, and other cities. In the season, even more lines are opened, like with Berlin and many others.

Varna in medieval times

In the mid of the 15th century, a very important historic event happened just north of the city. It was the famous Battle of Varna, between few europen countries trying to push out Ottoman empire army. On the end army from Turkey won and strong joined forces mostly from eastern countries like Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Moldavia, Lithuania. The battle was won by Ottomans that time.

Sunrises in Varna are something special.
Sunrise in Varna

Varna rising with festivals

If Plovdiv is city of museums and churches, then Varna is surely the city of various national and international events. More interesting are Varna Summer International Music Festival, Varna Jazz Festival, Golden Dolphin International puppet festival, International music festival Sea and Memmories, Discovery International Pop Festival, Navy Day, Urban Folk Song Festival, Classical guitar festival, Beer Fest and many many more!

Because so many events are hosted each year in Varna, it makes city even more popular and much better visited. Varna Jazz Festival and Varna Summer Theatre Festival are held each year and really beautiful is the Varna International Ballet Competition.

Beautiful view of the sunset at Port Burgas
Port Burgas at sunset

Through many buildings, like Navy Club, Drazki torpedo boat, Naval Academy and through festival names like Festival of Sea and Memmories, visitors can learn how important parts of the city are sea and town port.

They’re related to many Varna memories, which are thousands years old. Important remains from Roman times are still present in the city, one of them are the Ancient Roman baths. Worth visiting. And taking some nice pictures of course. A very popular is a day trip to close by UNESCO protected city of Nessebar.

Family vacations in Varna

Varna is also very interesting for visiting with your family. They even have a Dolphinarium and very interesting visits are also the Sea Garden and Stone Forrest.

Dolphins are amazing animals.
Dolphinarium in Varna

Varna today is one of the best possible and most interesting places on the coast of the Black sea. It is a pretty modern and well developed city, becoming more and more popular for it’s great coast and lots of historic interests. It is visited by families, couples and many young people seeking fun in the night clubs, one of the many events or enjoying their free time in water sports.

Varna's beaches are special attraction because of their uniqueness.
Beaches in varna are something special

Best Varna attractions

Ancient Roman baths, Varna Ethnographic Museum, Varna Archaeological Museum, Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral, St. Athanasius church, Saint Nicholas seamen’s church, Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, Drazki torpedo boat, Asparuhov Bridge, Palace of Sports and Culture, Spartak football stadium, Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre, Navy Club, Dolphinarium, Stone Forrest, Sea Garden

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