Enchanting by the looks

A city that only a gaze upon its beauty makes it a worthwhile trip, Visby is one of those special places in Europe that with its preservation of ancient buildings completely differ from the big glass and steel metropolises like Berlin or London.

The city is found on an island east of mainland Sweden close to Latvia and surrounded by Baltic Sea. The Island is a region and also a country called Gotland and is one of the richest places of culture that can be seen through more then 100 churches, fortress and dozens of other historical sites.

Image of old castle ruins
Old castle remains in Visby

Visit Visby – travel back in time

The whole city is surrounded by a medieval wall going back to the 13th century with guard towers that climb 40 meters high into the air. The old medieval city streets and full of turns with steep hills and declines. It is almost like you waking up 700 years ago in a sudden bright day. Because of so much cultural value they declared a Visby as UNESCO world heritage site.

Image of Visby
Visit Visby city, book hotel in this great town

You don’t have to go far to have some fun like exploring the old ruins of long destroyed churches. One of the is Nicolai Kyrka, about 800 years old and once home to Dominican monks was burned down in the 16th century, but its remains can be explored even today. You can always go see the city with one of the guided tour groups or travel in Visby on your own.

Image of Visby's medieval walls
Medieval walls around Visby

Relax by the Baltic Sea

Worth exploring is the nearby villages and small towns of Gotland like the Ljugarn, a peaceful village found on the east side of the island and a great place to enjoy a popular day trip destination for many reasons but primary because of its 1.5 kilometer long stretch of beaches. Other two destinations that offer similar experience like Ljugarn is Tofta, a popular town to relax and enjoy the Baltic Sea beaches or Faro, a small island sitting on top of Gotland Island.

Image of Visby's main square
The Main Square and Södra Kyrkogatan

Some great hotels in Visyby are available for your stay, some with the view on the Baltic Sea. Visby is more then a city, it is a living museum full of opportunities to get lost in the wonderful ancient times. Anywhere in Gotland you will go there are villages and small town just waiting to be explored.

Best Visby attractions:

Botanical Gardens, St Nicolai Ruins, Gotlands Museum, City Walls

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