Luther Vandross

A talented singer and songwriter who’s smooth, romantic ballads kept the world engaged in love, Luther Vandross was one of a kind performer.

Early start

Born Luther Ronzoni Vandross, Junior in 1951, Manhattan, New York City, he became known for singing, song writing and as a record producer. He started out his career as back-vocalist for many famous then already superstars like David Bowie and Barbara Streisand.

luther vandross with diana ross
Luther Vandross and Diana Ross

During highschool, Luther became familiar with R&B music and was spotted by Broadway musical The Wiz for his song “Everybody Rejoice”. This led him to be a very in-demand back-vocalist to famous superstars like David Bowie which slowly led to the release of his first album.

Never too much

Luther’s debut album “Never Too Much” saw the day of light in 1981 which fast sold over a million figure. Despite Luthers incredible talent he wasnt very well known until he won his first Grammy in 1991 for “Here and Now”. Overall he won 4 Grammy Awards: first for “Here and Now”, two for “Power of Love” and the fourth one for “Your Secret Love” in 1997.

YouTube video

Luther continued his music career with amazing success. He colloborated with other great talents like Mariah Carey and the remake version of “Endless Love”.

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