Michael Jackson

The King of Pop - Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson at a concert (Vienna, Austria)

A man that brought the world together

Michael Jackson was perhaps one of the most talked about superstars in the world. There is no doubt that he had a big heart and was an amazing artist who shook the world and opened the door to more acceptance and love for everyone.

He was raised in Indiana, had a rough childhood, but despite that he became one of the most influential people in music history. He is perhaps best known for his number 1 hits like The Thriller, Off the Wall, and Black or White.

King of Pop

Growing up in a small house in Indiana, he was put in a musical group with his brothers by his father. He was a musician himself and believed his sons had talent. Michael quickly emerged as the group’s head vocalist. This is where his journey to the top started.

This is how the group Jackson 5 started and did local plays in their hometown. They quickly gained notoriety playing as opening group for musicians like James Brown and Gladys Knight.

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The Jacksons started going on tours and signed a contract with Epic Records. After they released their third record Michael set out and released his own solo album in 1979 called “Off the Wall.” He received a Grammy Award for his “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” single.

The single greatly increased the Jackson 5 group’s reputation and their next album Triumph sold around 1 million recordings. But Michael always searched for ways to express himself more openly as an individual and in 1982 he teamed up with Paul McCartney to perform “This Girl is Mine.” The song almost reached the top of pop charts in that era.

The Thriller

One of the most recognized songs and music videos is definitely Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It has many names but the fact is that it is one of the most influential and perfected videos ever made. Its great success had it remain on the music charts for about 80 weeks, half of the time as number 1.


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