Situated in North Africa, surrounded by Libya west, Sudan to the south all while neighboring on the northern side of Mediterranean Sea, Egypt boasts an impressive, almost 2500 km shoreline. The capital city of Egypt is Cairo which is the largest city in Africa. Believe it or not – city of Cairo is over a thousand years old.

A country of the gods

Egypt Capital Cairo
Egypt’s capital city Cairo

With more than 80 million inhabitants, Egypt holds the 3rd place by population in Africa. Most of its people live by the River Nile because it provides shelter, food and the land is very fertile.

Photo of a fruit market vendor in Cairo
Cairo fruit market

Divine and ancient architecture

Egypt is really one of those countries that capture people’s imagination with its many inspiring monuments left by the great pharaohs and Greek and Roman cultures. Many pyramids, tombs, monasteries and temples are only a fraction of the fascinating Egyptian culture. Pyramids are a great attraction in Egypt and one of the biggest architectural accomplishments by ancient man.

Photo of entrance to the Valley of the Kings
The amazing Valley of the Kings

Most famous are surely The Pyramids of Giza which are one of the oldest pyramids still standing today. The Nile River is actually regarded as one of the longest rivers on the planet and the lifeblood of ancient and modern Egypt. Today many attractions stand in the Nile River Valley. You will see great temples that were lost for centuries such as the Luxor Temple in or the Temple of Philae. By size Egypt is a bit larger then Venezuela and slightly smaller than Colombia.

Culture of old an new

Egypt is in every way rich with tradition and history, but at the same time it is also a modern country. Known as the cultural and financial crossroads of the Arab world, Egypt is famous for its incredible hospitality of its people. Great hotels, beaches, ferry tours and more are available for anyone visiting and are also a great family experience.

Photo of Hurghada, Egypt's resort town
Hurghada resort town in Egypt

A new experience

Photo of Egypt's Pyramids in the night
Egypt’s piramyds in night sky

Visit this magnificent city and be amazed at everything it has to offer. Take a look into the ancient Egyptian culture through its many pyramids and temples, explore the inspiring coastline with many guided tours or go with your family to its amazing theme parks for some fun. Amazing in every way with warm sunny weather throughout the year, Egypt is one of those places that will forever remain a great memory.

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