Photo of Table Mountains

South Africa

View of Cape Town at night
Cape Town, South Africa’s capital city

Experience Africa

South Africa, the beautiful big sized country, lies on the south tip of the Africa continent. The country position, it’s size and terrain relief are giving it various landscapes from semi-deserted to mountainous, to subtropical parts or ordinary forest.

Image of Kirstenbosch botanical garden
The great national Kirstenbosch botanical park

A blend of world cultures

The amazing variety of South Africa has it’s roots in first colonizers, which arrived from Portugal, Germany, Holland, France and Britain, along witht them bringing labours force from Madagascar and Indonesia. Later more workers arrived, many from India, so the culture mix is really rich in South Africa. This is reflected especially in religion and cuisine.

Example of African food
African cuisine

5 cities in South Africa exceeds a population of 1 million people. While Soweto and Pretoria are home to over 1.5 millions of residents and Johannesburg to just over 2 millions, Durban with 3 and Cape Town with about 3.5 millions of people living in them are the largest cities in the country. South Africa with it’s almost 3.000 kilometers long coast has many ports and also 3 international airports.

Photo of South African coastline
Coastline in South Africa

A country with a heart

With an area of over 1.2 millions of square kilometers, South Africa is 25. largest country in the world by size and 26 by population. This is an rich area of natural resources, especially gold but also many other resources. Known by it’s great sportsmen, it was only a matter of time when South Africa will become organizer of some biggest sport competition in the world. And there it was – a FIFA worldcup 2010, being held in various places around the country on renewed stadiums with amazing scenery the tourists could observe.

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