Photo of Mauritius coast on a beautiful day


Some of the best points for summer outdoor activities are well hidden inside Indian Ocean and surely one of them is the island of Mauritius. The Mauritius lies east from Reunion and direct flights are available from Saint-Denis airport.

Mauritius is all about nature

While the two islands of Reunion and Mauritius can be compared by size the population of Mauritius is a bit larger then on Reunion Island, exceeding 1.3 millions of people living here. There are also more summer leisure places available and more hotels to stay in. But politically things are much different, because Reunion is a part of France and Mauritius is self governed. They both lie east from Madagascar or far west from Australia.

A waterfall somewhere in Mauritious
A waterfall in Mauritious

Sports in the great outdoors

Like in many other island resorts, for instance the Canaries Islands, Mauritius is home to many scenic drives that are very popular, trekking and mountain biking also. But most of the tourists are arriving only to enjoy the sea side resorts and all-inclusive hotel deals; some even don’t leave hotels for any occasion, except maybe an evening walk in nearby proximity. Being called a »spa paradise« by some ex-visitors, we can imagine easily why that is so. But it’s a shame if you will come only to lie down and do nothing as there is so much to do.

View of the ocean from Martitious
Mauritious breakfast in the morning

A mix of cultures

Mauritius is well influenced by India, which is not so strange, as around half of the population is Hindu. The multi ethnic culture brings a lot of variety to the place and many of the festivals are colored accordingly. There is also an amazing Black River Gorges National Park on south western side of the island and taking a boat trip to visit Rodrigues islands is also well worth doing.

Beautiful shore of Mauritious
Mauritious shore

Humble beginnings, great achievements

Mauritius was once very poor and almost the entire population survived from selling sugar around the world. When prices fell or a heavy storm damaged the crop, many people went hungry. Things changed after 1970, when the government issued a »new deal«, a plan to enrich the island. Many great hotels were built and tourists started to discover this amazing place. Part of the industry moved to textile and now even important brand names are making their products here, like Lacoste or Pierre Cardin. You can get some really good prices here also, so don’t forget to visit local stores and markets.

Photo of Dodo Bird in a Mauritius museum
The famous Dodo Bird

And don’t forget while enjoying your stay at Mauritius, that in its rich history, a famous bird came to its extinction, yes, it was a Dodo who lived once on this island, a big birdie you all know only from books.

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