What kind of activities are in El Gouna & Hurghada Egypt?

Discover what are the most important types of tourist activities in El Gouna and Hurghada that are suitable for friends and families and are characterized by luxury and luxury while providing safety and high-quality tourist services.

  1. Hurghada Day Trip to Pyramids by bus or Minivan.
  2. Luxor Tour by bus or Minivan.
  3. Dolphin House Snorkeling Day Tour by boat with Group or by Private Speedboat.
  4. 2hr Grand Aquarium Tour or Semi-Submarine Boat Trip.
  5. 7hr Jeep Safari Trip or 4hr Mega Safari with Kids.


• 45 min Quad Bike Ride.
• 20 min Spider car Ride.
• BBQ Dinner
• Oriental Show.
• Transfer.

Tips & Details

Advantages of the Cairo Day Tour from El Gouna program offered:

  1. Affordable Pricing: Inexpensive compared to other programs available. Cheap Price & Cheapest Daily Cairo Tours.
  2. Opportunity to join a group of at least 30 tourists to learn about different cultures and nationalities.

Disadvantages of the Cairo Day Tour from El Gouna program offered:

  1. The excursion is long, lasting 24 hours in total, and starts at 01:00 in the morning. Also, the transfer time from your hotel to the bus in El Gouna is about 45 minutes.
  2. Travel time between El Gouna and Cairo is approximately 7-8 hours, with three stops as specified by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.
  3. The Cairo Day Tour from El Gouna by Bus includes visiting bazaars for shopping and buying souvenirs, but this is optional if you prefer to stay on the bus or outside.
  4. There is an additional tour for $10 per person to ride a Felucca on the Nile River for 35 minutes, but that’s also optional.
  5. The time you spend at the Pyramids and Egyptian Museum in Tahrir is limited to two hours, which may not be enough to see all of the historical monuments in Giza and Cairo.

Important NOTE: Prioritize your privacy and make the most of your trip by saving at least two hours. We recommend booking a Private Tour to Cairo from El Gouna by car or minibus with us, or alternatively opting for a Small Group Tour to Cairo from El Gouna by Minivan.


  • Pyramids of Giza.
  • Great Sphinx.
  • Valley Temple.
  • Egyptian Museum.
  • Lunch at Resturant.

Are you a fan of the pharaonic Ancient Egypt Civilization? Look no further than a Private Tour of Luxor’s tourist attractions with a hot air balloon ride over ancient Egyptian Temples, Egyptian Tombs, Egyptian Antiquities and pharaonic statues.

We offer private VIP transfer from Makadi Bay, professional Private Tour Guide with expertise in pharaohs Ancient Egypt Facts and Egyptology and answer all your questions.

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We will also help you take unforgettable photos of the most important places in each temple and Egypt Archaeological Sites in Luxor.

So why wait? Discover the mysteries of King Tutankhamun “Egyptian Pharaohs kings” and visit Tomb of Tutankhamun in the Tombs of the Valley of the Kings to learn about the history and the secrets of the construction of the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs.

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