Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker performing

Undeniable legend

Joe cocker was one of the most recognized English musicians. He was famous for his rough voice that brought something beautiful to every song he performed. Joe Cocker unfortunately passed away in 2014 due to lung cancer, but we all remember him as someone very special. He was for sure one of the top soul and rock voices that left behind some amazing songs that inspire us in our everyday lives.

A man with a voice to remember

Joe Cocker was born in 1944 in the city of Sheffield, England. And soon began his career as Vance Arnold, his artistic name. He created his first group in 1960 called “the Cavaliers”, but they soon fell apart and cocker, while pursuing music as his passion, worked at a gasfitter.

Rise of Joe Cocker and the Avengers

Using his artistic name Vance Arnlod, Joe Cocker joined a new bend and they named themselfes Vance Arnlod and the Avengers. They firstly did small gigs in bars and pubs in they hometown of Sheffield, and Joe developed a strong liking for blues.

Their first breakthrough came in 1963 when they were invited to perform for the popular American band Rolling Stones concert in Sheffield as a support band. Not long after Joe Cocker played the cover of the famous Beathles son “Ill Cry Instead.Soon after Joe Cocker abandoned his artistic name and found his place in the new group called Joe Cockers Big Blues.

In 1969 Joe climbed up the UK music chart with his album With a Little Help of My Friends. Joe amazed people not long after the release of his album at the Woodstock Festival, with the song that carries the same name as his album. It was a popular cover of the insanely popular Beatles song, and they even admitted it was better then the original.

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