Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is perhaps best known as being part of the very popular group Destinys Child that sweped the world with their numerous hit singles and top notch live performance.

Kelly was born in Atlanta in 1981, and during her childhood was inspired by Whitney Houston. Just like her idol, Whitney sand at a church choir, but at the age of 7 she and her mother relocated to Houston due to domestic abuse from her father. She met the infamous pop star in Houston, Beyonce and her parents who provided for Kelly legally.

Kelly and Beyoncé

Together with Beyoncé, Kelly sang in a band called Girls Tyme, performing at local events and slowly getting acknowledgment for their work. Beyonces father, Matthew Knowles signed the group to a record deal under Columbia Records.

The group slowly became successful and released three albums from 1997 to 2001. After their last album named Survivor, Kelly went on her own way and released “Simply Deep”, her first very own album. Despite that in 2004 the group announced that it will be coming back together, this did not happen. Kelly announced before thousands of fans in Barcelona that the group would not be staying together and “Destiny Fulfilled” was the last album they would put together.

by wikimedia
Kelly Rowland (photo: wikimedia)

2007 was a letdown for Kelly as her second album “Ms.Kelly” received bad rewievs from critics, but this did not stop her from creating her third album in 2001, Here I Am, which was greatly appreciated by the crowds.

A few years ago, Kelly accepted the role of the famous The X Factor judge, but was soon replaced by Nicole Scherzinger, a singer famous for being part of Pussycat Dolls.

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