Front view of the Reichstag building in Berlin.


Berlin is the capital of Germany and also by far the biggest city. It has a population of over 3.5 million’s. This is a city of great history – fame and sorrow are combined here – winning and loosing – dividing, conquering and for the big final – reunion. It was the capital of Germany through many decades but almost completely destroyed in the aftermath of the second world war. After the war the city was divided in western and eastern part, like the whole Germany. 

One of the best cities to explore at your own leisure

The city is a great place to visit at any time of year. The history and culture of Berlin is astonishing. You can see great architecture almost anywhere you turn your head to. Families will enjoy the relaxed and calm atmosphere and fabulous food. For all those that love history, you will enjoy the remnants of the Great Berlin Wall or the beauty of the Prussian Palace – the options are nearly endless.

Image taken at night of the Brandenburgh Gate.
Brandenburgh Gate in Berlin (Germany)

Berlin divided on west and east

The city has been divided into two sections by a wall that prevented any refugees to go to a more developed West. In the year of 1990, after some big political changes in the eastern Europe and Soviet Union, the sad era has stopped. Berlin wall was destroyed and Germany has soon been reunited again. Even today, the line between eastern and western part is still somehow visible. While Berliner residents from the west love to go and enjoy in the eastern side, the residents from the east will go on shopping to the western side. You don’t need to guess why.

Image of Berlin at night.
Berlin at night

Berlin is a German and also one of the major European capitals , both in the political, cultural, as well as in economic terms. City resides on the river Spree. Both sides are connected via many bridges and some of them are nicely decorated by sculptors. They represent important part of Berlin architecture and history. While walking along the river Spree, check out the Museum Island, being listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site. Many important museums are being situated here, including Pergamonmuseum, Altes (Old) and Neues (New) Museum. Interesting fact is, that München also features a museum island; on the river Isar.

Many things to do in Berlin

One of the biggest Berlin attractions is surely the famous Brandenburg Gate. This architectural masterpiece was made by Carl Gothard Langhans in classicistic style. Charlottenburg on the other hand is a great remain of baroque architecture. You can enjoy the tour in this palace and also visit one of the exhibits shows that are regular here.

Image of a Spree River cruise.
Spree River in Berlin

When in Berlin, you can enjoy its cuisine, festivals, many big concerts and also big sport events and important fairs. So before going to Berlin, make a very good plan of what to do in the city. Also it is a city with great night life. If you’re in the city with kids, don’t forget to visit Berlin ZOO, with various species being on display. Families can also enjoy a Technical museum where some sections are prepared especially for children.

Best Berlin attractions:

Brandenburg gate, Brandenburger Tor, St. Hedwigs Cathedral, Reichstag, Rotes Rathaus, Schloss Charlottenburg, Alexanderplatz, Pergamonmuseum, Marienkirche, Philharmony, Jewish Museum, Tiergarten, Church Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis, St. Matthäus Church, Fersehturm, Bodenmusum, Bröhan Museum, Altes museum (Old museum), Neues museum (New museum), Checkpoint Charlie, National gallery, Technical museum of Germany, Schlossbrücke, Schlossplatz, Neu Wache, Museum of DDR, Museum Island (UNESCO World Heritage), Berlin Bridges, Museum of Bridges, Berlin ZOO, Olympiastadion, Viktoriapark, Schlosspark, Treptower Park, Holocaust Memorial

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