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Larnaca is a city of almost 50.000 populations. It lies on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, about 60 kilometers from popular summer resort Ayia Napa. It is the third largest city smaller then Limassol and Nicosia.

The city was established over 3000 years ago by ancient colonies from Greece. The city was many times badly damaged by severe earthquakes, but it still holds many great pieces of ancient architecture. Here you can see the Ciclopean Walls, Necropolis Tombs and much more.

Larnaca the window to the world

Larnaca has its own modern airport, arguable the biggest one on Cyprus with regular passenger destinations going to Athens, Moscow, Vienna and Abu Dhabi. All together flights go to more then 100 different cities across the globe. The Old Town part surely must be visited. It has many souvenir shops, squares with many restaurants and bars. Also very enjoyable is to visit the port and walking along the promenade and the pier. Seeing all the luxurious cars and tall palm trees with the red sun hiding behind them, will give you a feel like you are in Miami. The city also holds some smaller museums that could be of interest to history enthusiasts. A castle can also be found and remains of an old aqueduct from the middle of the 18th century. In vicinity of Larnaca there is a protective area of 4 salt lakes and this is a home to many different species of birds.

Image of houses in Larnaca Square in Cyprus
Europe Square in Larnaca, Cyprus

Larnaca is known by restaurants that offer great sea food but there are also many classical Cypruss dishes. There are a few festivals held in the town regulary. One of the most important is the Festival of Flood. Larnaca is a great tourist destination but can get a bit crowdy in summer time. One of the great advantages is that the city isn’t sound polluted by nightclubs and other such places. Larnaca is also great for families that love to spend time outside. All visitors that love family-friendly places will enjoy Mazotos Camel Park that offers many hours of fun for adults and children alike.

Front view of Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca.
Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca

There’s no doubt that Larnaca is a great place to visit. Sitting by the coast and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it boasts the atmosphere of a small island town. But at the same time, Larnaca is inspired by modern life while showing it’s old roots to any visitor.

Best Larnaca attractions

Larnaca Fort, Tomb of Lazaros, Agios Lazaros Church, Ancient Kitione, Grand Mosque, Natural History Museum, Byzantine Museum, Archaeological Museum, Pierides Archaeological Foundation

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