• Attractions to Check Out During Your Munchen Trip

    Attractions to Check Out During Your Munchen Trip

    Munchen (Home of the Monks) or Munich offers a plethora of exciting diverse sights guaranteed to please and suit any taste and preference. It doesn’t matter if you love to relax in a pavement café, stroll in vast parks, or you would rather take in the views of the amazing architecture of venerable palaces and…

  • Stuttgart


    Stuttgart is one of the most important cities in Germany and capital of the south-western region Baden-Wurttemberg. It has important industrial facilities, including the famous Mercedes factory. Nice architecture is waiting in the city for visitors, although the quantity cannot be compared with other big European cities like Vienna or Rome.

  • Berlin


    Berlin is the capital of Germany and also by far the biggest city. It has a population of over 3.5 million’s. This is a city of great history – fame and sorrow are combined here – winning and loosing – dividing, conquering and for the big final – reunion. It was the capital of Germany…

  • Cologne (Köln)

    Cologne (Köln)

    When arriving to the Cologne, two things will surely pop up in your face, no matter if you’re a tourist or a businessman here only for a few hours. Those are the famous river Rhine with many ships floating up and down all the time and the famous Cologne Cathedral, standing up on a small…