Cologne (Köln)

When arriving to the Cologne, two things will surely pop up in your face, no matter if you’re a tourist or a businessman here only for a few hours. Those are the famous river Rhine with many ships floating up and down all the time and the famous Cologne Cathedral, standing up on a small hill in the center of the city area.

Köln is the commercial hub of Germany

Cologne hosts around 1 million inhabitants, which means it is heavily populated and one of the biggest cities in Germany. The region is packed with important cities (Leverkusen, Bergisch Gladbach, Hürth and Bonn) which are western Germany center of the business, sports and culture. Also this was an important political center because nearby city of Bonn was a capital of Germany for decades after the second world war, before political parties moved back to reunited Berlin.

Big railway station in center of Koln (Cologne), Germany

Which Cologne attractions are worth visiting?

Probably all! It is true, that Cologne brings many business opportunities and lots of excellent points where tourists can spend their time. There are many nice churches around the city, mostly in Romanesque style but the gothic style Dom St. Peter and Santa Maria is the greatest of them all. Also called the Cologne Cathedral or Kölner Dom, this is the complex being almost 800 years old. Main part of the church was being built for over 250 years but it was still not fully finished until the 19th century.

Amazing Koln cathedral in downton center

There are many nice museums in Cologne, especially worth visiting is modern art Museum Ludwig and great smaller museum of chocolate (Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum). If you like to enjoy city views from proper height, don’t hesitate to visit a Köln Triangle tower, which offers a really spectacular views all around the city. Families can enjoy a whole day in a great Cologne ZOO (while there, visit nearby Botanical gardens also) or at great amusement park Phantasialand, being located just a bit south of the city in the small city of Brühl.

Best Cologne attractions

Cologne cathedral, Town house, Church of St. Andreas, St. Pantaleon Church, Church of the Assumption of Mary, St. Kunibert Church, Ludwig Musuem, Hahnentor gates, Roman Germanic museum, Museum of Chocolate, Kolumba Museum, , Cologne ZOO, Botanical garden, Phantasialand amusement park

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