Image of a fountain near the New Palace in Stuttgart, Germany.


Stuttgart is one of the most important cities in Germany and capital of the south-western region Baden-Wurttemberg. It has important industrial facilities, including the famous Mercedes factory. Nice architecture is waiting in the city for visitors, although the quantity cannot be compared with other big European cities like Vienna or Rome.

Stuttgart offers a royal park

The perfect location to enjoy and photograph in Stuttgart is the Neues Schloss. This Neo-Classical and also Baroque building is a palace built between 1750 and 1807. Don’t forget to check Königsbau (just the opposite building) and Staatstheater also if you’re an architecture fan. When you’re tired take a breather in one of the city parks. The top choice is surely the Schlossgarten with its amazing gardens, and also Carl-Zeiss Planetarium. Enjoy the walk from downtown center to the other places in Stuttgart as well.

Image of a garden in Stuttgart, Germany.
Stuttgart is home to many beautiful parks and gardens.

Mercedes museum and factory aren’t only attractions

You can buy a very nice car of any type in Stuttgart city, and you can also enjoy the great Mercedes-Benz-Museum. It’s incredible but you will need enough time for your visit because museum is 8th floors high! It holds an amazing collection of old cars and various historical car industry systems. One can also make selfies with Mercedes racing cars, cars used in Hollywood movie Jurassic park or the famous Popemobil. You can also learn a lot, for it is full of articles and movies about cars and also human and industrial history. It is a great and surely a whole day visit!

Image of the Old Castle in Stuttgart, Germany.
Old Castle in Stuttgart, Germany.

If you’re not a car fan then visit Linden Museum, one of the best of its kind in Germany. This is an ethnological museum, with interesting items arriving from the whole world, being collected here for more than a 100 years.

When you find out everything about the city, plan to visit the 217 meters high television tower and observe the surrounding area. Fernsehturm is located on the Hoher Bopser hill, close to the city.

Best Stuttgart attractions

Neues Schloss, Königsbau, Town house, Schlossgarten with Carl-Zeiss Planetarium, Schillerplatz, Staatstheater, Hegelhaus, Church of the Holly cross (Stiftskirche), Mercedes-Benz-Museum, Linden Museum, Liederhalle, Markthalle, Fernsehturm

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