Image of WIllowpond Park and the old water tower in Malmö
Pildammsparken (Willowpond) Park in Malmö

Big Malmö

Located at the far south of Sweden is the city of Malmo, a city of culture and long tradition. It is located at the base of Sweden’s coast looking towards Denmark.

Malmö is a city that is quite old, established in the 13th century it was one of the biggest in the area. This also means it attracts people who love architecture modern and ancient alike. One of these fine example is surely the Oresund Bridge, linking Malmo and Copenhagen.

Front view of Malmö city hall
Malmö’s old city hall

Atmosphere of Europe

It is one of those cities where you can just feel the atmosphere of Europe with its amazing landmarks such as the Malmohus Castle, once home to royalty from Denmark and today a museum featuring art and other ancient artifacts from that era. Malmö is a city of culture and art and this can be seen through many galleries and museums that inspire travelers from around the globe.

The city has some beautiful parks where you can enjoy peace and quiet such as the Folklets park, full of beautiful trees and a lake, it also has entertainment for kids in the form of different rides or just get something to eat and drink. The city is quite young but its old town center is great for exploring old buildings and attractions.

Image of a beautiful park in Malmö
A beautiful park in Malmö

Prosperous Malmö

Malmö is also prosperous for business as many companies have moved their offices into the city. It is also great for shopping with many malls and stores, some even selling traditional Swedish home ware.

About half of the population is under the age of 35. This makes nightlife very lively in the city with prices generally lower when compared to rest of Sweden. Also you can enjoy great foot at the city’s plentiful restaurants, which is with the mild climate that is known in this region almost always possible outdoors.

Lose yourself in the city’s parks and explore the beautiful nature or visit some of the great attractions Sweden is known for. Malmö is a city of great opportunities with welcoming people of many cultures, there is something for everybody to do here.

Image of Malmö's old and new buildings
Malmö’s old and new building coexisting

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