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Gothenburg landscape

Friendly and open Gothenburg

Gothenburg or Göteborg is one of the biggest cities in Sweden besides its capital Stockholm. It goes side by side as member of the largest cities in northern Europe like Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo.

The city can be found in the far Southern part of Sweden, on its west coast looking into Denmark. The city features its own hustling port in the North Sea sharing the same waters as United Kingdom, Nederlands, Belgium and other countries. Life in Gothenburg runs at a more relaxed pace which compared to other major cities in Europe like Berlin, Paris or Burssels is a nice change of pace. Also this comes to expression even more when considering “expensive Europe”, Göteborg is wallet friendly no matter what you do and where you go.

Image of a water fountain in Gothenburg
A beautiful fountain in Gothenburg

European green city

What attracts many people to the city is that a large portion of it is green, meaning it has parks, gardens and many places to enjoy nature, away from all the smog and tall buildings. One of these places is the Slottsskogen, a garden of English styling that has its own nature museum and a small children’s zoo.
Virtually anywhere you walk or drive in Göteborg there is tons of attractions just waiting to be uncovered like the Göteborg Cathedral, designed of beautiful European architecture and reaching more then 50 meters high.

The city enjoys beautiful weather with many sunny days and this is great for checking out its museums. This is where things get really interesting as you have all sorts of different aspects of history to uncover. You can start by visiting the Gothenburg City Museum and work your way up from there to Maritime Museum where you will see the largest collection of floating ships.

Photo of Gothenburg coast
Gothenburg coast

Explore Gothenburg

Also, don’t forget to check out the Liseberg, the largest amusement park of Scandinavian countries. The amusement park has something over 3 million visitors yearly and has many concerts, restaurants, a handful of different rides and dance halls.

A city that lets you breath in European culture in a relaxed peaceful manner but also provides many opportunities to have fun and enjoy many museums, restaurants, historical attractions and many more. Families will surely love this calm, culturally rich city and its amusement parks which was voted one of the top 5 world amusement parks. You don’t have to worry about much when coming to Gothenburg, just make sure you bring a camera and a smile.

Photo of Chinese Embassy in Gothenburg
Chinese Embassy in Gothenburg

Best Gothenburg attractions:

Botanical Gardens, Volvo Museum, Liseberg Amusement Park, Maritime Goteburg, The Natural History Museum, Museum of World Culture

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