Photo of Zagreb Cathedral


Photo of Zagreb in the night
Zagreb skyline in the night

Capital of Balkan Peninsula

Zagreb is one of the most important capital cities on the Balkan Peninsula. It’s the capital city of Croatia and also its economical, political and cultural center. It’s split up on its Upper part, where most government buildings stand together with administration and its Lower part with museums, parks and markets.

Front picture of National Theater in Zagreb
Croatian National Theater in Zagreb

Zagreb loves sports

For surely it is also a city of sports. Here, top-notch football, basketball and handball players have their own clubs, but in the last years there is also a fast growing hockey club. All clubs have an amazing tradition and can thank themselves with high scores in many European matches. Zagreb is a place where many known athletes, Olympic medal carriers, world-wide champions and other famous people were born. If you visit Croatia because you would like to see and learn about its rich history and architecture, Zagreb is an excellent place where you can start doing just that.
Zagreb lies close to the border with Slovenia, on the highway like between north and south Europe, between Ljubljana and Belgrade, in the vicinity are some other European cities and important places, such as Vienna, Budapest, Munich and Venice. The city has grown by the river Sava, on the strategically important European trail, that from west it takes you towards Bulgaria, Turkey and onto the shores of the Black Sea. The international airport Pleso lies in the direct vicinity of the city and allows for domestic and also international flights.

Photo of Arena Zagreb
Arena Zagreb

The city of fairs

The city has always been important from the viewpoint of many cultural and sport events. But at the same time, Zagreb is also a city of great fairs. Here, for as long as one can remember there have been important fairs, but one of the most important is the Zagreb Fair which attracts huge amounts of exhibitors from all around the world. Especially popular is the Zagreb Summer Festival and Festival of Animated Movie’s.
In Zagreb there is a high number of museums, galleries and other important cultural objects.

Image of the King Tomislav statue in Zagreb
King Tomislav Square

Perfect for families

Here are also many sport complexes reaching the highest European standards. Very interesting is also the Zoo and several exquisite and very green parks. Walking around Zagreb can be spiced up with a visit to one of the many pubs or restaurants. If you happen to travel with kids, then visiting the zoo, botanical garden or one of the beautiful parks, where there are many play devices and where you can feed the ducks that swim on the ponds. The lakes Rakitje and Jarun must be mentioned. On the latter there are rowing competitions. Besides that the lake is rather small, on it there are 5 beautiful islands. This is one of the city attractions that can’t be missed.
Zagreb is a city that is worth coming back to, even thou you have already explored it. If you are in the way to one of the Dalmatia beautiful beaches or Montenegro and traveling through Zagreb, it is a great idea to rest here and take a day or two to tour the city.

Image of Parliament Palace in Zagreb
Croatian Parliament in Zagreb by Suradnik13 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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