Image of a streets with old Chinese buildings in the rain.


Known as one of the busiest cities in the world, Beijing is the capital of China. By size, the city is China’s second largest, just after Shanghai with double the population of London. It hosts around 20 millions inhabitants. Its history goes back more then 3000 years ago, and during its existence it has changed […]

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Image of the spectacular lights of Hong Kong.


China is not only the most populated place in the world but also one of the best destinations for traveling. The Republic of China is located in East Asia. It is one of the countries with the largest population at this moment, with India following closely. Due to its extensive territory, vast culture and interesting

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A beautiful country that features an amazing array of different landscapes. Malaysia stretches from the old jungles and rainforests to modern city landscape all while at the same time offering amazing beaches that are an important attraction for travellers and tourists alike. By land the country is rather small and about the same size of

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Photo of the temple guardians to Angkor Wat


Small but wonderful A small Asian country by size, Cambodia is a country that is profoundly immersed in its rich history and amazing culture. A home to more then 14 million people and to one of the most breathtaking sights from the great deep jungles to the sandy beaches on the Gulf of Thailand and

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Taj Mahal temple


Behold the wonders India holds the reputation as being the second largest country by population, just after China. India is the seventh largest county in the world and one the most important in Asia next to Japan, China and Korea. The country is roughly one third of the United States by size, but its population

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Rockets for Soyuz in Kazakhstan


A beautiful and mystical country, placed in Central Asia, bordered by Russia, Mongolia and China. Kazakhstan amazes any visitor with its rich history of culture and tradition. First of all what must be said is that Kazakhstan is huge, so much that it’s about 5 times bigger than France and holds the 9th place of

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Hagia Sophia


A country with the history of the 3 continents Sitting on the gateway between Europe and Asia, Turkey is famous for its beautiful architecture and culture. Turkey’s history goes back thousands of years and it sits between the closest point of the three great continents – Europe, Asia and Africa. There are many legendary stories from the

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It’s hard to talk about big countries of the world and not mention Russia, the biggest one of them all. If you would glue United States and Australia together then it would be roughly as big as Russia. Home to about 145 million people it consists of 1/8 of earth’s surface. Interestingly enough, Russia shares

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