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India holds the reputation as being the second largest country by population, just after China. India is the seventh largest county in the world and one the most important in Asia next to Japan, China and Korea. The country is roughly one third of the United States by size, but its population is almost three times bigger.More then 5.000 years of history has shaped India into one of the most diverse and culturally rich places in the world. Today India stands out as one of the most important industrial centres of the world.

Photo of Guwahati City, India
Guwahati City in India

History makes way for richer future

Historically India has always been the targeted location by European traders and trough their efforts of trying to reach the country, America was discovered by Spanish.

Photo of Gulgabra Fort
Gulgabra Fort in Gulgabra City, India

Despite the countries fast development the old way of life still stands strong among its people as tradition remains deeply buried in its roots. Many magnificent temples remain untouched by time still displaying their full glory to visitors and locals alike such as the Hindu Temple which is India’s biggest Hindu temple and protected by the UNESCO World Heritage.

Photo of New Delhi mosque
New Delhi mosque in India

Architecture of the gods

One of the most magnificent structures in the country is the Taj Mahal which is a glorious mausoleum that incorporates visual decorations and architecture from Mongol, Islamic, Turkish and of course Indian styles of architecture.

Photo of the Golden Temple
The Golden Temple in India

Many rivers that flow through India are greatly praised as they are seen as essences of different gods and spirits. As such many festivals are held in the country for anyone to enjoy and attend. Festivals are held on frequent bases in different cities like Kolkata.

Best India attractions:

Taj Mahal (Agra), Victoria Memorial (Kolkata), Golconda Fort (Hyderabad), Sanchi Stupa (Madhya Pradesh), Gateway of India (Mumbai), Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai), Hawa Mahal (Jaipur), Amber Fort (Jaipur), Golden Temple (Amritsar), Charminar (Hyderabad), Buland Darwaza (Fatehpur Sikri), Jantar Mantar (New Delhi), Red Fort (New Delhi), India Gate (New Delhi), Lotus Temple (New Delhi) Rashtrapati Bhawan (New Delhi), Loktak Floating Lake (Manipur), Lake Palace (Udaipur), Mysore Palace (Mysore), Konark Sun Temple (Odisha), Gol Gumbaz (Karnataka), Ruins of Hampi (Karnataka), Marble Rocks (Jabalpur)

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