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China is not only the most populated place in the world but also one of the best destinations for traveling. The Republic of China is located in East Asia. It is one of the countries with the largest population at this moment, with India following closely. Due to its extensive territory, vast culture and interesting history, China is one of the countries with great amount of tourist attractions. This is why it is always present in the minds of tourists when it comes to planning a trip.

China as great as it is huge

The emblematic sites within the country not only get this title for its incredible visual appeal but also have an interesting history. This is due to the worldwide known influence of their ancestral culture. Due to the vastness of its territory, you could find thousands of interesting places to visit during your trip. There are certain specific places that have multiple characteristic elements of their culture. But within this vast place, what are the obligatory stops to ensure that a trip to China was made? If a trip is made to this millinery place, the following wonders must be taken into account, as they show China in all its splendor. It is somehow obvious that Beijing the capital of China contains an enormous number of attractions. There are many structures of great cultural value.

Image of Shanghai on a beautifuly day.
City of Shanghai

What do you need to visit during a trip to China?

The temple of heaven

Among these constructions, the temple of heaven is included; a place where the Ming and Qing dynasty gave thanks to the sky for the abundance of their crops. UNESCO considers the temple as a world heritage site for more than two decades already. The imposing building was carefully constructed, and everything from the columns to the steps has an important significance.

A beautiful piece of old Chinese architecture.
Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China

The prohibited city

Another place that should be visited in the capital is The Forbidden City. It was also inhabited by the Ming Dynasty until the Qing Dynasty. It was the emperor’s home, and it was called “forbidden” because every person who entered or left the premises needed the permission of the emperor.

The big wall of China

This is probably one of the most world famous places of China. You cannot make a trip to China without visiting at least one part of this object. It is by far the longest wall structure in the world and added to the list of one of the seven new wonders of the world. It extends around 5000 km far around the majority of the country.

The Great Chinese Wall
The Great Wall of China


This is the capital of Sichuan province and contains one of the most famous symbols of Chinese culture: The panda. Chengdu has the largest number of institutes that protect the life of these near extinct animals in danger and during their trip they can be observed in a controlled habitat.

Hong Kong

Contrary to the historical places mentioned in this list, Hong Kong has its appeal in modern architecture, vibrant nightlife and also in its varied and appreciated cuisine. Within the busy city there are famous places such as Disneyland, Victoria Peak (which is the highest point within the city), and the clock tower. The city offers much to see during the trip.

Image of the distance cityscape of Hong Kong.
Cityscape of Kong Hong in the distance


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