A country with a strong past

Located in the most western part of Europe and landlocked by Spain to the east and the great Atlantic Ocean to the west. About 1300 kilometres from its shore, the group of islands of the Azores and Madeira also falls under Portugal republic.

Portugal beautiful coastal town Cascais.

Portugal is one of those countries with a very vibrant past as many nations have fought over it for nearly all of its existence, and its understandable why. Although small Portugal is a place of stunning views, exquisite nature and simple yet incredibly rich village culture that still exists in modern times.

Belem Tower in Lisbon capital
Belem Tower in Lisbon capital

Adventure awaits

Many old civilizations left their mark here such as Romans, Celts and Moors and there’s a lot still that’s left over from those times to see. Anyone who loves a trip to the past should visit Evora, one of the best preserved ancient cities from the medieval period. You can walk back into the 14th century and visit some of the incredibly preserved buildings like the medieval cathedral and Temple Romano, the legendary Roman Baths.

picture of market square in Evora
Market square in the ancient city of Evora

A trip to nature

Portugal is a great place for recharging your batteries in nature. The unspoiled, tranquil and beautiful surroundings offer many opportunities. Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês is one of the best places to go for a huge and see the many villages from historic times. There is over 800 kilometers of shoreline offering an unending opportunities for dolphin-watching, kayaking, relaxing on the sandy beaches and so much more.

a small piece of Portual shoreline
Portugal shoreline

Trip to the outskirts of Portugal

Often overlooked, but as beautiful as they can be are the Azores and Madeira autonomous regions of Portugal that are located about 1300 kilometres from the mainland Portugal. A group of volcanic islands. The highest point of Portugal is in the Azores group of islands called Mount Pico that is just short of 2400 meters.

Lovely Braganca city in Portugal.
Lovely Braganca city in Portugal.

The islands have their own culture because they were inhabited very unevenly and unexpectedly over the last couple of centuries and definitely worth a visit.


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