Photo of Trondheim
The colorful city of Trondheim in Norway

Situated in North Europe and bordered by Sweden and Finland to the east, and looking into the Norwegian sea to the west, Norway is a country of immense beauty and rich culture. By size the country is similar to Poland, Malaysia and Vietnam.The first thing that draws the attention of travelers visiting Norway is the unspoiled natural landscape.

Photo of Lofoten Islands
Lofoten Islands, Norway

Many national parks can be visited, like Breiheimencan, a park of extraordinary variety. Here you have green hills and valleys but also snow covered mountains that are excellent for hiking, skiing, rock climbing and more. Norway is famous for its fjords, but what is a fjord? They occur as glaciers melt and water streams into long backtracking valley shaped like a U letter. Truly amazing and endlessly beautiful, some fjords were put on UNESCO heritage list. One of them is Geirangerfjord. Full of wild waterfalls and epic views of nature, this fjord is located close to the town of Alesund, another small but lively and attractive port city.

Photo of the Geirangerfjord in Norway
Geirangerfjord in Norway, a UNESCO World Heritage site

But besides rich culture and green nature, Norway is also a mystic place. Mindblowing are the famous northern lights, a natural phenomenon that can be seen in late autumn and the beginning of spring. Of course, if you are lucky. Taking a look at Norway’s past there is tons to see as Norway is a Scandinavian country. And once being country of Vikings. Not many but still, some excellent remains of that great era can be found. You can also check Oslo, capital of Norway. There is an extremely well preserved Viking ship in the Oslo Museum. There are however many archaeological remains in some other cities too. One of them is Hamar, which also has interesting Cathedral Ruins, over 1000 years old.

Oslo, capital city of Norway
Oslo, capital city of Norway

If we go back to the natural wonders of Norway, then what must be mentioned is the Vega Islands. Proclaimed as an UNESCO world heritage site the 6500 small islands sit just west of Norway mainland that show the history of the country as far as 1500 years back. Here you have fishing huts, smaller villages and lighthouses to see.

Akershus in Oslo, Norway
Akershus in Oslo, Norway

We could talk about the beauty of Norway for a whole day, but its cities are filled with opportunities to explore, have fun and enjoy your time. Besides Prague, Bologna, Brussels, Krakow and Avignon, Bergen, one of the bigger cities of Norway, was the European capital of culture in the year 2000. Pretty much any city you visit there is this sense of tranquility, peace coupled with beautiful nature and fresh air.

Sogne City and its Fjord
Fjord in Sogne City

A country of diversity and majestic beauty, Norway truly inspires with its greenery, bustling cities like Trondheim and Oslo, great seafood and more. No mater if you are looking for adventure and knowledge or not there are bits of pieces everywhere. Virtually a playground for hikers, nature lovers and also architecture and history enthusiasts, Norway is a country best explored with an open mind and a loving heart.

Port in Oslo, Norway
Port in Oslo, Norway

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