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Image of a street in Killarney, Ireland
A street in Killarney

Full of natural beauty

Found in the far south of Ireland is the city of Killarney. The city is well known for its national park called Killarney National Park and its Lakes of Killarney, a huge scenic attraction made up of 3 lakes.
Killarney actually has been a tourist city since the 18th century and with good reason. The city enjoys a beautiful location next to the huge lakes of Lough Leane, Muckross Lake and others. There are many hotels situated around the lakes, overlooking them and you can go for a trip around the lakes with a boat.
There are many cycling paths in the city and many of them leading through some of the breathtaking nature of Killarney. Such is the Ross Island, an amazing island located only 2 kilometers out of the city. Ross Island is known for its Ross Castle which is over 500 years old and its remains can still be visited today.

Image of Old Weir Bridge in Killarney National Park
Old Weir Bridge, Killarney National Park by Loz Pycock is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Become healthier

On the western side of the city there are many islands you can explore like the before mentioned Ross island but there are also others like Rabbit Island, a small deluxe fishing location where you can rent your own cabin for a true fishing experience. But you don’t have to go out of the city to relax as you can do it in the newly build Killarney Sports and Leisure Center, great for families and anybody looking to get in shape in a healthy way.

Just like Dublin and Galway, Killarney is a city that loves sports. Many matches happen at the Fitzgerald Stadium, home to a senior football team and a place of many concerts and other events. What is interesting is that Killarney hosts the most Gaelic football matches in whole Ireland, and is quite famous for that.

Image of people walking in the park
People enjoying the atmosphere in a park in Killarney

Old roots of religion

What must be mentioned that in medieval times Killarney was a religious center. This is why you can still see some of the old attractions like Muckross Abbey, a very old Franciscan church that sits in the Killarney National Park grounds. The park has many things to see including the Torc Waterfall, a site well worth the visit as it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland.
Visitors will surely appreciate the huge selection of places to stay in Killarney. Here you have everything from the luxury hotels all the way to simple yet comfortable hostel accommodations. Some places allow you to stay in castles or farmhouses so the options are quite a few.

A chance to visit some of the finest wildlife parks, zoo’s and Irish culture, Killarney truly lives and breathes with nature. Not just the great accommodations but superb natural scenery will surely fill any traveler with energy and joy.

Ross Castle, Killarney shot
Ross Castle in Killarney

Best Killarney attractions:

Killarney National Park, Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Torc Waterfall, Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle, The Kerry Way, Old Kenmare Road, Killarney Falconry, Killarney High Ropes Course, Aghadoe Church and Round Tower, Coolwood Wildlife Park

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