Found in the far southeast coast of Croatia and only about 45 kilometers from Montenegro, Dubrovnik is one of the few cities on earth that has this magical old charm about it from medieval times.

Dubrovnik was one of the most promising cities in old times and with its skilled diplomats and thriving economy could rival other major cities like Venice. The city also had a huge role in developing Croatian culture because many famous poets, sculptors and scientists all come from Dubrovnik.

The city was once an extremely important Roman trading port and the whole city was surrounded by huge walls that protected it from pirate attacks. The walls stand tall even to this day and most of the city is like if you would take a picture 700 years ago. This monumental beauty earned it a UNESCO world heritage classification and the nickname “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Dubrovnik also has one of the safest beaches and crystal clear water that is perfect for families.

Dubrovnik city
Dubrovnik city with surrounding walls and old town center

Make no mistake, Dubrovnik is today an elite tourist resort and many large yachts are resting in the port area of the city.. The city’s narrow medieval streets are littered with coffee bars, businesses and restaurant, but mst importantly old villas, houses and palaces from Roman times. All of this creates an amazing atmosphere that very few places on earth have.

Virtually anywhere you look there is something to see. The city boasts some of the most amazing architecture of Croatia such as the Franciscan Monastery, an amazing piece of Baroque engineering it also features its own church and inside you will find one of the oldest pharmacies still operating today. To best describe Dubrovnik is to say it is a breathing, living museum, but you can also visit some of the museums that the city has, and they are all wonderful. One of the most attractive museums is the Maritime Museum, showing how shipbuilding has once been done and how it affected the development of the city.

Walls around Dubrovnik city
Dubrovnik city with coast and walls

But it is also a great place if you like an active challenging vacation. Here you can do some sports sports like safari jet skiing, beach volleyball. You can always escape the heat of the city by visiting the nearby islands. They are diverse in nature and all worthy of a visit. One of them is Mljet Island that is known for its beautiful lakes and several monasteries. However, if you are already in Croatia then you should definitely visit the island Cres. Sure it’s a little further away, but worth seeing.

Dubrovnik is described by any people as “paradise on earth”. A place that takes you back into Roman times where tall churches, monasteries, palaces are more are at your fingertips. If you like authentic ancient architecture, plentiful opportunities to explore and and a great medieval atmosphere then Dubrovnik is a must.

Dubrovnik city main cathedral
Cathedral in Dubrovnik city

Best Dubrovnik attractions:

Ancient City Walls, Old Town, Franciscan Monastery, Museum of Modern Art, Onophian Fountain, Sveti Jakob Beach, Dominician Monastery, Church of Saint Blaise, Saint John’s Fortress, Dubrovnik Aquarium and Maritime Museum, Archaeological Museum,

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