Hungary is landlocked country in the Central Europe, settled in 9th century by Magyars. Most known lake Balaton is one of the largest lakes in Europe and mighty Danube river flows just through the heart of state which was known as Panonia in time of Roman empire. When reign of Matyas Corvinus came in 15th century, Hungary became the greatest monarchy in Central Europe.


After first world war Hungary lost two thirds of it’s territory and much more then half of it’s population. Today it has around 10 millions of inhabitants of which about 20 percent are living in the area of capital city Budapest.


Hungary is well known for many things, like famous wine Tokaj, that comes from the small region, with so nice wineyards, that region is even on an UNESCO World Heritage list. Also it is famous for it’s meet food called goulash, salami production, especially Szeged city and much more. The country is more or less flat, with highest mountains rising only around 1.000 meters high, which makes it perfect for raising cattle on waste grassland areas.


Hungary is also known after sport and music. Especially culture is very important. The famous composer Franz Liszt was the Hungarian too and also the Erno Rubik, inventor of the famous Rubik brick mind game. If you want to explore the country, each area is great to start with. You can focus on beautiful capital of Budapest and it’s amazing architecture, or dive into one of their many lakes. They even have the largest thermal lake in Europe, just near the town of Heviz or go on sail to the great Baloton lake. Also visiting some of their nice cities will stay long in your memory, because they have a lot to offer, especially many castles, palaces and religious buildings.


Hungary is not very big but also not one of the smallest countries in Europe. It is fun to visit and great to explore. There are many things to do, no matter if you’re bird observer, businessman or just a parent who would like to spend some nice time with kids.


Attractions in Hungary

Lake Balaton, Kossuth Square, Protestant Great Church, Déri Museum and Aranybika hotel in Debrecen, Reök Palace, Votive Church, Water Tower Ferenc Móra Museum, Gróf-palace, University and Szeged Synagogue, Diósgyőr castle ruins and Wooden church in Miskolc, Sopianae the Early Christian Necropolis (UNESCO Heritage), Cathedral, The Barbakán, mosque of Gázi Kászim pasa and main square of Pécs, Town Hall at Győr, Episcopal Palace and Vörösmarty Theater in Székesfehérvár, City Hall, Cifra Palota and József Katona Theater in Kecskemét, Nyiregyháza’s Roman Catholic church

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