Luxembourg is not only a small country in which you would stop on the way to France or Belgium for cheap gasoline. It is also a perfect place to find a good business opportunity, especially in banking.

Luxembourg always used its good geographical position between strongest European countries, vicinity of Germany and United Kingdom, and became one of the most successful countries. It is ranked as third richest country in the world.


It is well visited by weekend tourist from France, Belgium and The Netherlands. But it is discovered more and more by nature lovers, who can enjoy trekking in its hills and forests. The wine region is very important part of this small country too and so are very good restaurants, even if prices can be pretty high for most of their visitors.


There are only few cities in the country. Of course the capital called Luxembourg City is also the biggest and most crowded. All other cities are more or less villages. Mostly they don’t exceed the population of 10.000 inhabitants, except Esch-sur-Alzette and Dudelange. The capital has around 80.000 inhabitants, which is around 15 percent of whole country population.


While being a tourist in Luxembourg don’t forget to check some of their best architectural pieces, palaces, castles and capital’s old town core with beautiful cathedral and town hall. It is easy to arrive to this tiny country and safe to explore every part of it.

The valley in Luxembourg.
The valley in Luxembourg.

You can find many good hotels, sometimes out of tourist season you can get a real bargain in the price. Also don’t forget that Luxembourg is a very popular place to do some shopping, especially for technical stuff and alcohol.


Best Luxembourg attractions

Town hall, Royal Palace, Cathedral of Our Lady, Luxembourg City History Museum, National Museum of History and Art (in Luxembourg); Diekirch National Military History Museum, Brewery Museum, Vianden Castle

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