The famous city of Mostar

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar's legendary Old Bridge
The Old Bridge in Mostar

History preserved in each step

This is the heart of Balkan Peninsula where different nationalities, cultures and religion are mixed together. Bosnia is center of Dinar Alps that’s why inland is mostly mountainous with cold winters and usually also a lot of snow. That’s also why Sarajevo hosted winter Olympic Games in 1984. With lakes, rivers, waterfalls and caves this is a place where all year tourism is possible. Bosnia also has few kilometers of coast on the warm Adriatic Sea, where small city of Neum is. This is also a very nice place to spend your summer holidays. Of course standing in the middle of gigantic Croatian coast, city of Neum usually doesn’t get its deserved chance within tourist agencies around the world. Bosnia is full of forests and rivers. River Drina is also flowing around the country, having the great bridge from the Ottoman era, about which the Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrič wrote in his book.

The gorgeous looking view of nature
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s beautiful nature

Rebuilding for a better future

Many places in Bosnia and Herzegovina were destroyed or damaged in the last Balkan war, fought from 1992 – 1995 and ended with peace agreement signed in Paris (France) and another one only few days later in Ohio and Dayton (USA). Today, most of the country has been rebuilt, only in few parts; some ruins are trying to tell us a story of those sad days, taking tens of thousands of lives for political reasons.

A new and exciting place to visit

Bosnia could have bright tourist future with investing in green tourism, sadly many towns still have heavy industrial facilities, so ecological dedication could mean the positive or negative input on the long term. It has also many wine growing regions. One of the most known and popular sites in the country is the pilgrimage city of Medjugorje. This is the place where Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared. The holy site has been visited by millions in last 30 years. Another great place has been found just recently and excavated in last years by hundreds of researches from all over the world. That is the Sun Pyramid in Visoko.

Neum city at tourist season
Neum in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Most visited town is of course Sarajevo, the capital of the state. It is the economic and political heart of the country. Jahorina and Bjelašnica are most famous and very organized ski resorts, both standing just above the Sarajevo city, also being used for the winter Olympic ski competitions in the 1984.

Photo of capital city Sarajevo
Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina capital city

Best places to visit in the country are also the old city of Mostar with its famous bridge, Banja Luka and Jajce. Also very popular is the Trvdoš Orthodox Monastery, great building which you can find close to the town of Trebinje.

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