Image of Heidelberg, a city in Germany.


Germany is known to be the country where Medieval meets Modernity, with its unexpected natural beauty and its enchanting fairy tales forests.

Welcome to beautiful Germany

When traveling to Germany one has to be prepared to enjoy going through a roller-coaster of emotions, not only you’ll be feasting your eyes, but also your stomach while you discover Germany’s soul-touching and cultural scenery in what can only be described as a Spirit-Lifting experience.

Image of Neuschwanstein Castle.
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

This is a country full of beautiful big cities, romantic palaces in the mountains, and half-timbered villages. Be prepared to enjoy one of Europe’s most rich country in more aspects than just money.

Enchanting landscapes of northwest Europe

Those who have visited Germany always agree on something, the way its Landscape unfolds before your eyes is amazingly artistic, the vast vineyards in the heart of the country, the splendorous view of the Alps which are engulfed by glaciers and the elements, the sand-dune fringed coasts in the north, close to Denmark, the moody and foggy forests, and the dreamy valleys and rivers make up for the magical and enchanting mold that is this wonderful country. Make sure that you have plenty of battery and space on your camera when you visit, because you are never going to run short of things to photograph.

The great outdoors of Germany's Alps
Beautiful and peaceful nature in Germany’s Alps

Time to get off the speeding highways which run through the country, and head to the Germanic wilderness for an outdoor experience out of this World, soak up the landscapes and enjoy every winding mile of it.

The joys of civilization

Upon setting foot in this gorgeous country you’ll be greeted by history-rich towns whose streets were built long before the New World was discovered, castles and palaces which looms above the mountains surrounded by forests and by and half-timbered villages where crimson geraniums grow in flower boxes. Its great cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich make Germany one of the most beautiful countries in the Europe, so book your hotel now and stay for as long as you can.

Front view of the Semper Opera House in Dresden, Germany.
Semper Opera House in Dresden

Walking down the many old and new streets, you will find a plathera of diverse buildings. Old ice cream shops will blend in with the many history museums, great Opera Houses, lively cabarets and underground nightclubs. Anywhere you go, you are always surrounded by old and new. Wherever you turn your head you’ll see Romanesque, Gothic, and baroque-style architecture mixing perfectly with more modernistic styles created by current masters like Frank Gehry, Chipperfield, and Daniel Libeskind.

German gastronomic hub

There’s been a lot of talk about Germany’s beautiful landscape and architectonic wonders, but those aren’t the only way to enjoy this European jewel. Foods and Drinks offer an equally exciting journey through the German Scenery, as soon as you begin your adventure, you’ll see that Germans are more than sausages, pretzels, and beers or roasted schnitzel.

A picture of Germany's sausage meal.
Germany is known for its delicious traditional food

When you move forward from the stereotypical, you’ll see an amazing array of mixed gastronomy enriching the entire Country. If you travel during the spring, you’ll see the Germans going crazy for white asparagus and when autumn comes, so does the madness for chanterelle mushrooms. Surely they are known as a Beer people, but they have one of the greatest Wines in all of Europe, like the Riesling.

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