Picture of volcanic shore in Reunion Islands
Volcanic shoreline in Reunion Islands

Reunion is a group of islands that are located just east of Africa or the Madagascar islands, towards Australia, and at the same time about 200 km west of the Mauritius Island. The terrain is mostly mountainous and its top peak Piton des Neiges reaches over 3000 m in height, also Piton de la Fournaise, located towards Indian Ocean, is of impressive 2600 m above sea level.

Photo of volcanic rock on Reunion Islands
Reunion Islands volcanic rock

Reunion is a true summer resort despite having only a handful of hotels; there are many other ways of accommodation available. The biggest City is Saint Denis, home to about 150.000 inhabitants; the whole population on the island is around 800.000 people. This makes it one of the more populised countries of the world. Officially, Reunion falls under France as one of its 27 state regions.
Reunion is known by its warm weather, but especially February, the hottest month with heavy rainfall. Because of the good climate on the island many southern fruit are prospering like bananas, lychee, papaya, mango, oranges and many more. The island is a paradise for those who love nature because it allows you to explore the hilly interior or the dynamic coastline.

Image of wildlife common on reunion islands
Wildlife on Reunion Islands

You can also go diving in many intact parts of the ocean, and beside that the biggest city offers great possibilities for business tourism.
Temperatures throughout the year rarely fall under 20 Celsius, but the highest are around 35 Celsius. Mild climate and an attachment to France bring a great atmosphere for many events, which happen on the island. It truly is a colorful island, especially with its many immigrants from other parts of the world.
Because the island is very hilly, it is very popular for mountain biking and hiking.

Photo of natural landscape in Reunion Islands
Nature of Reunion Islands

However there are a lot of other ways to spend your holiday time there, for instance horse riding, diving, golfing and this is just the tip of the iceberg

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